Ruf Teddybär eins-vier (English translation)

  • Artist: Jonny Hill (Feri Gillming)
  • Song: Ruf Teddybär eins-vier
  • Translations: English
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Call Teddy Bear one-four

I've been on the motorway for about eight hours already,
I was pretty close to my destination and I hustled a lot.
The sun was already very low when I reached the exit.
The diesel roared next to me, my radio set was turned on,
When suddenly the voice of a young boy could be heard.
He just said: "Channel 1-4, is somebody out there?
If so, please call me and talk to Teddy Bear!"
The town wasn't very far anymore, I made good time.
I took the micro and spontaneously replied:
"Hey, I'm calling Teddy Bear, where are you, young man?
I'm on your wave – can you hear me?"
It got silent on the channel; I already wanted to switch it,
When the boy asked me: "Trucker, are you still there?"
I said: "Yes" – and he started telling me:
"Everyday, I turn on the channel from dawn to dusk.
I'm sitting in a wheelchair, I cannot walk, and I'm all alone here.
And my mum is working; she says it has to be
Because my daddy died a year ago on that motorway.
He was a trucker just like you, until he didn't came home anymore.
She often tells me we'll make it through, and she pretends she wouldn't mind.
But every night I hear her crying,
I know that it's hard for her."
And while he was talking I realized
There was no one else on Channel 1-4 right now.
He said: "This radio set was from daddy, now it's mine!
It is the nicest pastime being with someone like you.
Daddy, too, talked to me when he was on his way just like you are now.
And one day he said: 'My boy, listen to me.
I will take you with me some time.'
But unfortunately, it never came true."
I heard the disappointment in his words.
I've stopped by now; it gripped me pretty much.
All this touched my heart, I flouted my job and the time
Because everything could wait but not this boy, I'm sorry.
I said: "Teddy Bear, where do you live, where's your station?"
I already knew what to do,
Just this young operator had no clue.
He gave me his address and said:
"Good bye, and perhaps someday you're around again.
Then it would be nice if your call reached me."
Then it was quiet, and I opened the throttle, I speeded into the town at 80.
The last curve, I was there – and I didn't believe what I saw:
There were 18 trucks; I was close to tears.
They have heard everything, and they drove him to and fro.
Yeah, one after another took Teddy Bear for a ride,
18 times down the road and 18 times up again.
I was the very last one, and I also carried him upstairs again.
I've never seen a child that was so well and truly happy.
And his eyes were shining, it was just wonderful.
He said: "Trucker, believe me, that was a show!
I'll catch you once again, I know it exactly."
And he was holding my hand all the time,
I swallowed and said: "It's alright, dear son."
Then I set off again, and my radio set was still turned on,
When suddenly the voice of a woman could be heard.
She said, and you could hear that she was hardly able to speak:
"Channel 1-4, this is Mother Teddy Bear.
You gave my child the most beautiful day
In his life.
I will never forget how you've been to my boy.
I thank you, and have a safe journey at all times!"
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Ruf Teddybär eins-vier

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