Die Beschaffenheit des Menschen (English translation)

  • Artist: Vera Jahnke
  • Song: Die Beschaffenheit des Menschen 4 translations
  • Translations: Bosnian, English, French, Russian

Die Beschaffenheit des Menschen

Die Leinwand vor dem Fenster steht,
Die Landschaft sie verdeckt.
Und niemals können wir das seh'n,
Was hinter ihr versteckt.
Die Wahrheit, nein, die seh'n wir nicht,
Schon Platon hat's erkannt.
Denn was wir sehen ist allein
Ein Schatten an der Wand.
So malen wir die Leinwand voll,
Mit dem, was wir erdacht.
Und lassen wir es echt ausseh'n,
Dann ist es gut gemacht.
So mancher malt ein Wald voll Feen
Und wird dann "weggebracht".
Der Weise aber schaut nur hin
Und lacht und lacht und lacht.
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Human's nature

The canvas stands
under the window,
The countryside it covers.
And we can never see,
What is hidden behind it.
The truth, no, we don't see her,
Even Platon discerned it.
So what we see stands alone,
Shadow on the wall.
So we paint the whole canvas,
With what we devised.
And let's make it looking real,
Then it's well made.
Some paints the forest
Full of fairies
And then been "taken away".
The sage just looks at it
And laughs and laughs and laughs.
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FlopsiFlopsi    Mon, 26/08/2019 - 16:13

Some paints the forest
Full of fairies
And then it's "taken away".
- It's not the painting that will be taken away, it will be the painter (Deana: We're back at Преображенскую, дом 5).

Even Platon descrened it. - Descrened? Is this a typo or some word I just don't know? - Maybe described?

So what we see is only lonely - So there's just one thing we see

朝姫朝姫    Fri, 20/09/2019 - 10:39

Thank you for correcting me

In part "and then it's "taken away" " I had a problem with understanding what author meant so it looks like it looks😅

"Descrened" should be discerned - synonim for "to notice"/erkennen

What about last I read it as one sentence.
Denn was wir sehen ist allein
Ein Schatten an der Wand.

FlopsiFlopsi    Fri, 20/09/2019 - 16:16

Yes, it's one sentence:
Because we can only see
A shadow on the wall

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