Like A Virgin - International

Created by Achampnator on 23 Sep 2019
Like A Virgin - International

In this Collection I collect the Song "Like A Virgin" in different Languages If you know more versions write it in the comments

English version by: Madonna from the Album: Like a Virgin from the year: 1984

Translations:  German Spanish Greek 14 more

Japanese version by: Asuka Suita on the Single: ライク・ア・ヴァージン / さよならのメッセージ from the year: 1984

Song | Finnish Eini

Finnish version by: Eini from the Album: Eini from the year: 1985

French version by: Ursula B. on the Single: Mon Toot Toot / Comme Une Madone from the year: 1985

Spanish version by: Madonna from the Album: Byanka from the year: 1985

Translations:  English

English version by: Mad'House from the Album: Absolutely Mad from the year 2002

Translations:  Hungarian

English version by: Glee Cast from the TV Series: Glee from the year: 2010

Translations:  Spanish Greek Turkish

Spanish version by: Wendy Sulca from the Album: Bailo y Festejo from the year: 2012

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Song | English 2NE1

English version by: 2NE1 from the Album: Complete of 2NE1 from the year: 2012

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English version by: Sister Cristina from the Album: Sister Cristina from the year: 2014

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English version by: Mötley Crüe from the Album: The Dirt OST from the year: 2019

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