Svadba velika (English translation)

  • Artist: Bora Dugić (Бора Дугић)
  • Featuring artist: Balkubano
  • Song: Svadba velika 2 translations
  • Translations: English, Greek

Svadba velika

Poneo sam burmu
Blistavu i lepu
Da zaprosim tebe
Najlepšu na svetu
Došao sa kumom došao i sa bratom
Da te zaprosim tu pred tvojim tatom
Ako kažeš ne ako kažeš ne
Srce bolece
Ako kažeš da ako kažeš da
Svadba velika
Poneo sam burmu
Dijamant je pravi
Kad ga pogledaš vrti se u glavi
Tvoje oči plave tvoje usne vrele
Da ih poljubim samo to bi htele
Cico Cico Cico
Volim tebe ja
Ajde Cico Cico
Svadba velika
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Grand wedding

I brought with me a wedding ring,
Dazzling and pretty
To propose to you
The most beautiful one in the world
I came with my best man, I came with my brother too
To propose to you, right there in front of your father
If you say no, if you say no,
My heart will be in pain
If you say yes, if you say yes,
[There'll be] A grand wedding
I brought a wedding ring
The diamond is real
Your head spins when you look at it
You blue eyes, your hot lips
The only thing they want is for me to kiss them
Oh Cica, oh Cica, oh Cica,
I love you
Come on, Cica, Cica,
A grand wedding
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