بتعرف شعور (Btaaref Shuur) (English translation)

  • Artist: Adham Nabulsi (أدهم نابلسي)
  • Song: بتعرف شعور (Btaaref Shuur) 5 translations
  • Translations: English #1, #2, #3, Portuguese, Transliteration

بتعرف شعور

بتعرف شعور لمّا
تلتقي صدفة بحدا
ما بيشبه حدا
لمّا فجأة تموت العجقة
و وحدك تشوفا هدا
مش عم بقدر افهم
احساسي شو عم يعمل
كلّما قرر وقّف
عم لاقي حالي مكمّل
حالة ضياع
احساسي بدو يرحلا
و ما فيني قلو رجاع
لأني بحبّا
كل شي قرار إلّا
الحب غصبا عنك
ما بياخد اذنك
بلحظة وحدة بغيرك
و بنسّيك حتى اسمك
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You Know The Feeling

Versions: #1#2#3
You know that feeling when
you meet someone coincidentally
she dosen't look like anyone
when suddenly the crowd dies
and you only see her
I can't really understand
What's my feeling is doing
When I ever decide to stop
I find my self going ahead
I'm lost
My feelings want's to go to her
I can't tell my feelings to come back
cause I love her
Everything is a decision
Except love is not
dosen't take your permission
In a moment changes you
And makes you forget your own name
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