عشق ایرانی (English translation)

  • Artist: Saeed Modarres
  • Song: عشق ایرانی

عشق ایرانی

موج دامنی که میرقصه تو باد
یه بغل موهای آزاد
تب پیشونی من امشب دستات و میخواد
تو آغوش گرمت من و نگه دار
نفسام و بشنوه دیوار
منی که رقصیدنم از یادم رفته انگار
حالا دیگه این منم
میخوام سکوتم و بشکنم
اگرچه تلخه حرفام
هی خودم و خط زدم
به تو مهر نباید زدم
ولی دیگه نمیخوام
تا آخر راه میام
با تو هر جای دنیا میام
بخواب نزدیک نبضم
رسوای عالم بشم
بذار اهل جهنم بشم
میخوام با تو برقصم
یه دامن پر گل دورش پر خار
بذا زخمی شه دستام اینبار
تورو میذارم تو قلبم میریزه دیوار
تورو میبوسم حتی اگه گناهه
خدا امشب نزدیک ماهه
اونی که قلبی رو شکسته رو سیاهه
اونی که قلبی رو شکسته رو سیاهه
اونی که قلبی رو شکسته رو سیاهه
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A great song by Saeed Modarres. The lyrics, the music, and his charming voice fit together very well.

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Persian Love

The waves of a skirt dancing in the wind
An armful of untied hair
The fever of my forehead wants your hands tonight
Hold me in your warm arms
So that the wall hears my breaths
It seems I have forgotten how to dance
This is me now
I want to break my silence
Even though my words are bitter
I kept on ignoring myself
I stamped you as prohibited
But I don't want to anymore
I will come till the end of the path
With you, I will go anywhere in the world
Sleep next to my pulse
Let me become the scandal of the universe
Let me become a resident of hell
I want to dance with you
A skirt full of flowers surrounded by lots of spikes
Let my hands get cut this time
When I put you in my heart, the walls all fall
I will kiss you even if it's a sin
God is near the moon tonight
The one who has broken a heart is ashamed
The one who has broken a heart is ashamed
The one who has broken a heart is ashamed
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Author's comments:

As always, translation is like making a xerox copy of a beautiful painting - the original lyrics have a special meaning.

art_mhz2003art_mhz2003    Sat, 01/08/2020 - 11:05

how beautiful is this song , thanks a lot ...

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