Les oiseaux du souci (English translation)

  • Artist: Jacques Prévert
  • Song: Les oiseaux du souci

Les oiseaux du souci

Pluie de plumes plumes de pluie...
Celle qui vous aimait n'est plus.
Que me voulez-vous, oiseaux ?
Plumes de pluie pluie de plumes...
Depuis que tu n'es plus, je ne sais plus,
Je ne sais plus où j'en suis.
Pluie de plumes plumes de pluie
Je ne sais plus que faire.
Suaire de pluie pluie de suie...
Est-ce possible que jamais plus
Plumes de suie... Allez ouste, dehors, hirondelles !
Quittez vos nids... Hein ? Quoi ? Ce n'est pas la saison des voyages ?...
Je m'en moque, sortez de cette chambre,
Hirondelles du matin !
Hirondelles du soir, partez... Où ? Hein ? Alors restez,
moi qui m'en irai...
Plumes de suie suie de plumes je m'en irai nulle part
et puis un peu partout
Restez ici, oiseaux du désespoir
Restez ici...
Faites comme chez vous.
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The birds of worry

Rain of feathers, feathers of rain
The one who loved you is no longer here
What do you want from me birds?
Rain of feathers feathers of rain
Since you are no longer here, I don’t know anymore
I am lost
Rain of feathers, feathers of rain
I no longer know what to do
Shroud of rain rain of soot
Is it possible that never again
Feathers of soot...go out swallows!
Leave your nests... huh?what ? Isn’t it the season for travel?
I don’t care to go out of this room
Swallows of morning
Swallows of night go away... where? Huh? So stay
I am the one who will leave...
Feathers of soot soot of feathers I will go nowhere
And then here and there.
Stay here birds of despair!
Stay here...
Make yourself at home.
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The translation is done by Bahareh Tajfirouz.Please ask for permission if you would like to use or reprint it.
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Author's comments:

In this poem Jacques Prévert is grieving over the death of his wife.

Idioms from "Les oiseaux du souci"
silencedsilenced    Mon, 10/08/2020 - 18:12

Je ne sais plus où j'en suis -> the meaning is more like "I'm lost" / "I'm all at sea"

all ever the place -> typo, and "un peu partout" is a bit uncommon, but the idea is rather between "here and there" and "any odd place"

arc-en-cielarc-en-ciel    Mon, 10/08/2020 - 18:14

Thanks Pierre for your comment.
I was not sure about the translation of the title of the poem, is “the birds of worry” correct or there can be a better translation?

silencedsilenced    Mon, 10/08/2020 - 18:37

Sounds fine to me.

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