الموعد الضايع (El Maw'ed El Da'ea') (English translation)

  • Artist: Yara (يارا)
  • Featuring artist: Rashed El Maged
  • Song: الموعد الضايع (El Maw'ed El Da'ea')
  • Requests: Persian
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الموعد الضايع

يا حبيبة ما نسيت موعدي الضايـع معـك
وأسمعيني لو دقيقة مثل مـا كنـت أسمعـك
أسمعي عذري و بعدها سوي اللـي تشتهيـن
و أعترف لك يا غلاي إني غلطـان وحزيـن
و أسمحي لي أحكـي فيـه اللـي حصـل
وخففي عني العتاب .. يمكن في عذري جواب
كنت في موعد لقانـا جالسـه بـس أنتظـر
و أحتريتك وما حضرت وكنت أدور لك عذر
وصرت أرجف و أشعـر بحسـرة و خـوف
حسرة إنك ما وفيت وخوفي إنـك التهيـت
بـس تـدري .. يالله احكـي واسمـعـك
عندها يمكن ألاقي عـذر منـك و أفهمـك
أنا جيتك يالحبيبة قبل موعدنا بدقايق
و كنت منتظره و كان الجو رايـق
رحـت أسولـف عـن شجونـي
و عـن أحاسيسـي و ظنـونـي
وقلـت لـك أنــي أحـبـك
يالـلـي ماليـتـن عـيـونـي
كل هذا كان فـي لحظـة غفيـت
وفجـاءه مـن نومـي صحيـت
و مالقيتك يالحبيبة !
آه آه منك وش أقول
أفرح بحلمك معاي
ولا أزعل في ذهول
ولا تبيني ما أنفعل
خلني أصدق وش تقول
صدقيني ذي الحقيقه
الكذب لا لا ما أطيقه
أنت تدري كيف أحبك
و أنتي ما أقدر أسيبك
لكن الغيره فـي قلبـي
ضيعت فكري و دربي
يلا ننسى اللي حصل
و نجعل الدنيا أمـل
و نفرح ببكره سوا
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The Lost Date

my love! I didn't forget my lost date with you
just listen to me for a minute, liked I used to listen to you
listen to my excuse the do anything you want
and i admit that I'm wrong and sad, my precious
and allow me to tell you what happened
and decrease my punishment .. maybe in my reason be an answer for you
on our date, i was sitting just waiting
looking for you coming, but you didn't and i was looking for excuses for your absence
i began to trembleand feel remorse
remorse that you didn't keep your promise and My fear was that you are lost
but you know what; come on! tell me, let me hear you
maybe then I can find an excuse and understand you
I've come my love, minutes before our date
You have been waiting, and it was a pretty view
I came talking about my sorrows
About my feelings and thoughts
and told you that I love you
you are who my eyes only see
(but) all this was in the moment that I was asleep
Suddenly I woke from my sleep
And didn't (actually)see you my love!
Oh, what do you want me to say
Shall I be happy about your dream about me?
Or be surprisingly upset
but no! you don't want me to be mad
Let me believe what you saying
Believe me , it's the truth
Laying no, no I can't stand it
you know how I love you
and I can't leave you
But the jealousy in my heart
Changed my thought and path
Lets forget what happened
and fulfill the world with hope
and become happy together from tomorrow
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nibthepotatonibthepotato    Mon, 03/08/2020 - 21:56

Hey there! As far as I know, شجون means sorrows so I think the correct translation would be "...talking about my sorrows".

Ata_faAta_fa    Wed, 05/08/2020 - 06:42

thanks! That was really helpful

Ata_faAta_fa    Sat, 15/08/2020 - 04:43

After 10 years still watching this video make my eyes wet 💔

Ata_faAta_fa    Sat, 15/08/2020 - 04:45

After 10 years still watching this video make my eyes wet 💔

art_mhz2003art_mhz2003    Sat, 15/08/2020 - 13:51

Really beautiful & full of sensation ...💕

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