Darb el Methayea (درب المضيع) (English translation)

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Missed Road

I’m a missed road for your lost love. I pretend I don't know while I see and hear.
If you know how far your absence hurts me when you leave me. How's your heart and longing so strong that it doesn't affect. You have put both my anguish and my worries into your accounts. Not in my hand cause, I have short ropes. The world began to revolve around me. Everything is over like a page folded. You forced me to forget our relationship. I envy you about your hold on, how can be patient and be happy when you saw someone pleading you.
If I can redo everything at the beginning, I will remind you when you told me that you will love me until the end.
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Darb el Methayea (درب المضيع)

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Eva PriestleyEva Priestley    Fri, 25/09/2020 - 09:00

Amazing thank you so much Meshari!
Would you be able to clarify the following verses?

مو بديه أحبالي قصرت

وتفرح امن اتشوف واحد بيك يتوسل

MJ-Q8MJ-Q8    Fri, 25/09/2020 - 10:40

Thank you, Eva
You are welcome ^_^
Yes I would sure 😃👍🏾

The verses
مو بديه أحبالي قصرت
Not in my hand, I have short ropes.
Meaning she's ability to endure suffering are limited and short, such as a short rope

The verses
وتفرح امن اتشوف واحد بيك يتوسل
If you saw someone trying to beg you, that make you happy.
Meaning that person enjoys playing with who love.
He/she suddenly leaves to the relation who love to let her/ him missed and begged her/ him to return back.
That behaviour/ feeling make him/ her happy.

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