大切なもの (Taisetsu na Mono) (Taisetsu na mono) (English translation)

大切なもの (Taisetsu na Mono)

空の色が海と同じになる日 島のむこうへ出かけよう
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When the sea has the same color as the sky, let’s go out with my ukulele
Sitting on the beach full of coral dust and singing for the sky
If everybody gathers here, we’ll be able to make a smile
Let’s feel the wind and dance the hula on our beloved island
When the sky has the same color as the sea, let’s head to the other side of the island
Driving all the way to that hill where the wind gusts
If we collect every love, we’ll be able to make a smile
Let’s feel the wind and dance the hula on our beloved island
When Bide has the same color as the sunset, let’s climb up that gigantic tree
Let’s sing for the stars when we climbed up to the place close to the stars
If we collect every goodbye, it’ll turn into tears
I want us to dance the hula again on beloved Chichijima
No matter how far we are apart, our feelings stay connected
The sky we gazed at together is treasure to me all the time
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Author's comments:

* Bide: a certain type of tree which is seen in the Ogasahara islands, also known for Bide festival. (thanks, mango1846)
* Chichijima: the largest of the Ogasahara islands far south of Tokyo.

mango1846mango1846    Tue, 27/10/2020 - 03:28

I looked around and asked some forums, apparently Bide is a type of tree in Ogasawara which makes sense now reading the lyrics, and there seems to also even be a Bide festival Teeth smile

Jelly CatJelly Cat    Tue, 27/10/2020 - 11:03

Haha it only reminded me of the bidet seat before you let me know about it. It now clearly makes sense for me, too.
Thank you very much. Regular smile

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