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I'm suggesting a dedicated Incorrect Idioms Page, where one can suggest double-added idioms, dispute existing ones or ask to merge two into one and so forth. I know one can report via "not idiom", but I would prefer to see mods being involved in the same measure as in the case of double song entries or missing video links. I think it is long overdue, since idioms are in mess, and we can't fix this ourselves, since many users who submitted them already have left LT.

A simple example:
English idiom "out of the woods" was added in two forms:
1) Being out of the woods
2) we're not out of the woods yet
Both entries never occur in existing lyrics are of no value for anyone who would encounter "out of the woods" in some lyrics.

What should I do then? To add a third variant "out of the woods"? I'm sure I'll see a number of "hits", but there are multiple explanations already present. And I can't ask the submitters to edit their entries, since they left.

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I agree the database could use some serious tidying up.
Anything that could help pruning the duplicates, metaphors mistaken for idioms and one-word entries is welcome by me.

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We actually have a list of 'Flagged content', where idioms that were reported appear. This is how they appear to us in the list.

We also have a 'merge idioms' tool, which looks like this.

Speaking for myself, I do not use any - only because I do not know how to. And as I also do not often use the 'Idioms' section, I'd rather avoid doing some 'mismerging' around.

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Flagging of idioms is not very helpful with merging. If I would flag something like that (even if I will provide an explanation) how it will be resolved? I could take it to the double entries page and in this case at least I will be able to see if it was merged or not. But there are more complicated cases, like groups of correctly explained idioms linked together with completely unrelated idioms. Reporting them would only create confusion.

And another issue. Any mod is able to merge two lyrics or two artists, without knowledge of the original language.
Understanding idioms and their explanations will require a native or fluent speaker.
So, if a proposed page will be implemented, users could report problems in organized manner:

Idiom language: English
Idiom: Being out of the woods
Problem: Should be merged with "we're not out of the woods yet" and re-named to "out of the woods".

Then a fluent English mod will fix this, post a reply and so on.