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It Ain't Difficult

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I'm talking through one's hat, in a inflated way
To right and left, it ain't different
I'm making and making up
Sometimes I can't, it ain't different
I'm turning the corners
Four-cornered, it ain't different
I'm hitting my knees
Oh, in a noisy way, it ain't different
I'm whirling the dust up
It ain't dust, it ain't
I know, they're all coal gas
It ain't a word, it ain't
I was testing you
You like it
If you don't
You, complete the end
Even if you search for the people, go out from the palace
Even if you are crying, return from your path
Even if you speak about the love,
You, complete the rest of them
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Zor Değil

Please help to translate "Zor Değil"
Mabel Matiz: Top 3
SmightSmight    Sun, 24/01/2021 - 01:53

>I'm talking through one's hat
>my hat

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