La ballade des jeux interdits (English translation)

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The Ballad of Forbidden Games

Like a child that you take by the hand
And who suddenly understands that his story is far
Who will never again feel the warmth of his hands
Hiding himself in these dubious games
Like a look in which one finds
The sweetness of a friend that opens
His heart to smile at life and play at forbidden games
Play, my child, as the wind would
With your haggard hair, growing up will take time
Burying life is still a game for grown-ups
And you, Michel, you're just a child
Run, my sweet, shout for your days of rain
War has horrors no one forgets
To rock in their heart, it's a cursed game
Dream, forget these forbidden games
Like a life that resumes its path
Like a breath, a point believed to be dubious
Innocence lost on a beautiful day
Returns to us like melancholy of our forbidden games.
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La ballade des jeux interdits

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