Eurovision Song Contest 2021

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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

After having skipped 2020, Eurovision has been rescheduled to take place in Rotterdam in 2021.

(Once the final results are announced, the songs will be arranged accordingly)

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Song language:  Albanian

Artist:  Anxhela Peristeri

Translations:  ArabicArmenianAzerbaijaniChinese   27 more


Song languages:  English, Hebrew

Artist:  Eden Alene

Translations:  AzerbaijaniChineseCroatianDutch   13 more


Song language:  French

Artist:  Barbara Pravi

Translations:  AzerbaijaniBelarusianChineseCroatian   21 more


Song language:  Ukrainian

Artist:  Go_A

Translations:  EnglishFrenchGermanPolish   3 more


Song language:  English

Artist:  The Roop

Translations:  AzerbaijaniChineseCroatianDutch   14 more


Song languages:  English, Croatian

Artist:  Albina Grčić

Translations:  AzerbaijaniBulgarianCroatianFrench   10 more

Czech Republic.

Song languages:  English, Czech

Artist:  Ben Cristovao

Translations:  AzerbaijaniCroatianEnglishFrench   9 more


Song language:  English

Artist:  Blind Channel

Translations:  AzerbaijaniFinnishFrenchGerman   8 more


Song language:  English

Artist:  TIX

Translations:  AzerbaijaniCroatianFinnishFrench   12 more


Song language:  Spanish

Artist:  Blas Cantó

Translations:  AzerbaijaniCatalanChineseDutch   15 more


Song language:  English

Artist:  Elena Tsagkrinou

Translations:  AzerbaijaniChineseCzechDutch   13 more


Song language:  English

Artist:  Jendrik Sigwart

Translations:  AzerbaijaniDutchFrenchGerman   8 more


Song language:  English

Artist:  Lesley Roy

Translations:  AzerbaijaniCroatianDutchFrench   12 more


Song language:  English

Artist:  Ana Soklič

Translations:  AzerbaijaniCroatianDutchFrench   10 more


Song language:  English

Artist:  Hooverphonic

Translations:  AzerbaijaniChineseDutchFrench   9 more


Song language:  English

Artist:  Roxen (Romania)

Translations:  AzerbaijaniDutchFilipino/TagalogFinnish   16 more


Song language:  English

Artist:  Montaigne

Translations:  AzerbaijaniChineseCzechDutch   13 more

The Netherlands.

Song languages:  English, Sranan Tongo

Artist:  Jeangu Macrooy

Translations:  AzerbaijaniDanishDutchEnglish   10 more


Song language:  English

Artist:  Natalia Gordienko

Translations:  AzerbaijaniCroatianDutchFrench   8 more


Song language:  Serbian

Artist:  Hurricane

Translations:  AzerbaijaniChineseCroatianEnglish   10 more


Song language:  English

Artist:  Uku Suviste

Translations:  AzerbaijaniChineseEstonianFrench   7 more


Song language:  Danish

Artist:  Fyr og Flamme

Translations:  AzerbaijaniEnglishFrenchGerman   7 more


Song language:  English

Artist:  The Black Mamba

Translations:  AzerbaijaniCroatianDutchFrench   8 more


Song language:  Italian

Artist:  Måneskin

Translations:  EnglishFrenchHebrewSpanish   3 more

San Marino.

Song language:  English

Artist:  Senhit

Translations:  AzerbaijaniChineseDanishFinnish   10 more


Song languages:  English, Russian

Artist:  Manizha

Translations:  AzerbaijaniBulgarianChineseEnglish   12 more


Song language:  English

Artist:  Vincent Bueno

Translations:  AzerbaijaniFrenchGermanGreek   4 more


Song language:  French

Artist:  Gjon's Tears

Translations:  AzerbaijaniBulgarianChineseCroatian   17 more


Song language:  English

Artist:  Stefania Liberakakis

Translations:  AzerbaijaniFrenchGermanGreek   6 more


Song language:  English

Artist:  VICTORIA (Bulgaria)

Translations:  AzerbaijaniBulgarianChineseCroatian   12 more


Song language:  English

Artist:  James Newman

Translations:  AzerbaijaniChineseDutchFinnish   8 more

North Macedonia.

Song language:  English

Artist:  Vasil Garvanliev

Translations:  AzerbaijaniDutchFrenchGerman   5 more


Song language:  English

Artist:  Rafał Brzozowski

Translations:  AzerbaijaniChineseFrenchGerman   4 more


Song language:  English

Artist:  Samanta Tīna

Translations:  AzerbaijaniChineseDutchFrench   11 more


Song language:  English

Artist:  Daði Freyr

Translations:  AzerbaijaniFrenchGermanGreek   7 more


Song language:  English

Artist:  Tusse

Translations:  AzerbaijaniChineseCroatianDutch   11 more


Song languages:  English, Azerbaijani

Artist:  Efendi

Translations:  AzerbaijaniChineseCroatianDutch   16 more


Song language:  English

Artist:  Tornike Kipiani

Translations:  AzerbaijaniBulgarianCroatianFrench   10 more


Song languages:  English, French

Artist:  Destiny Chukunyere

Translations:  AzerbaijaniCroatianDanishDutch   10 more

AnerneqAnerneq    Wed, 24/02/2021 - 18:02

Grazie. In questi giorni sono un po' impegnato e non ho potuto aggiungerla subito.

Alma BarrocaAlma Barroca    Sun, 28/02/2021 - 13:24

I wish Brazil broadcasted Eurovision (we did it like 15+ years ago). Always good to know new performers.

AnerneqAnerneq    Sun, 28/02/2021 - 13:45

I guess it comes down to public interest. Not many Brazilians are interested in Eurovision, so broadcasters don't see a profit in it (although we must admit that Brazilians may not be interested simply because they don't know Eurovision exists).

Australia was invited to participate after 30 years of continuous broadcasting of the event and Eurovision showed to be very open to the idea of inviting new countries: for example in 2015 a Chinese delegation was sent to Vienna to check how the show was organised and they started to broadcast it. Then the EBU banned the Chinese channel they had an agreement with because the Chinese government censorship rules were incompatible with the values promoted by Eurovision.

It's really a matter of profit and interest. I'm sure a Brazilian channel would invest in it, if enough people showed interest in the event. Brazilians have also strong cultural ties with various countries in Europe, so it would be nice to see Brazil joining the party. With Eurovision getting more and more popular, I think we won't have to wait too long for more non-European countries to follow the steps of Australia and China.

AnerneqAnerneq    Sat, 06/03/2021 - 17:55

Already there, number 16.

Radu RobertRadu Robert    Sat, 06/03/2021 - 17:56

Oh i'm sorry .. seen it only after i ecommended it Regular smile Thx Nice IDea btw

Alma BarrocaAlma Barroca    Mon, 08/03/2021 - 16:21

Yay, Senhit is back! I just wish she started performing more in German or Italian like she did when she started, I really like her voice though I'm not really into dance-pop.