Shayyed Qosoorak (شيد قصورك) (English translation)

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Shayyed Qosoorak (شيد قصورك)

شيد قصورك ع المزارع
من كدنا وعمل إدينا
والخمارات جنب المصانع
والسجن مطرح الجنينه
واطلق كلابك في الشوارع
واقفل زنازينك علينا
و قل نومنا في المضاجع
ادي احنا نمنا ما اشتهينا
واتقل علينا بالمواجع
احنا اتوجعنا واكتفينا
وعرفنا مين سبب جراحنا
وعرفنا روحنا والتقينا
عمال وفلاحين وطلبة
دقت ساعتنا وابتداينا
نسلك طريق ما لوش يراجع
والنصر قرب من عنينا
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Erect Your Palaces

Versions: #1#2
Erect your palaces on the farmland
Out of our toil and handiwork
And the bars are next to the factories
And the prison in place of the garden
And set your dogs loose in the streets
And lock us in your cells
Our sleep has declined in our beds
We've just slept and we don't want anymore
And be heavy-handed in your abuse
We've been abused and had enough of it
And we know who's to blame for our wounds
And we've recognized ourselves and met each other
Workers and country folk and students
Our time came 1 and we began
Walking a one-way road2
And victory is imminent in our eyes
  • 1. Literally 'our clock rang'
  • 2. Literally 'a path without return'
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KitKat1KitKat1    Sat, 30/05/2020 - 19:08

I think you are right that خمارات are bars (or perhaps “liquor houses” or “saloons” or “drinking houses’” to make them sound less appealing). It’s not quitte literal but I think he means:

Erect your palaces on our farmland
That we labored by hand to cultivate
With bars alongside the factories
And prisons in place of the gardens

hayoliehayolie    Tue, 02/03/2021 - 13:59

Nice choice of words.

ادي in ادي احنا نمنا ما اشتهينا means something like "there we are", but also implies immediacy. Could be "We already slept as much as we wanted" or "We just slept and didn't want it", but the first version fits the context better.

وعرفنا روحنا والتقينا
I think it refers to the next line. "We recognized ourselves and met each other".

والسجن مطرح الجنينه
And the prison in place of the garden, not next to it

دقت ساعتنا وابتداينا
Our clock rang sounds odd. It means something like "Our time is now and we started"

Thanks for the translation!

DidistutterDidistutter    Fri, 05/03/2021 - 09:39

Thank you for the comment - I'll incorporate the changes you've suggested.

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