Quello che mi manca di te (English translation)

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What I miss about you

What I miss about you
Is that voice you do
When you play at being a baby
When in the morning you show off the beautiful legs you have
And you’re running around the house doing something
That you always have very little time
To live with the things you’ve accumulated over the years
Among your thousand commitments
The long chases, the jumps into the void, your stellar journeys
With your old loves, the eternal sorrows you always remain in
Rightful, thankful bears
What I miss about you
Is everything you do
When you think I’m not looking at you
Though I look at you as much as I can
And when you want to watch a good movie
But it’s just an excuse to fall asleep on me
And what I’m feeling right now is so strong that I can’t
Keep it locked up in here
I’d like to scream it as loud as I can
And as hard as I can
What I really miss about you
I can’t explain it to you
But I hope it’s the same thing that you’re missing about me too
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Quello che mi manca di te

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