Сказка о Дьяволе (Skazka O Diavole) (English translation)

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The Tale of the Devil

Once upon a time there was a Devil
He sailed across seas and oceans
And he never saw me
Nor heard anything about you
He stole the bright crescent moon from the sky
And set it onto the waves, like a boat
He comes with the night's tide
His oar is made of olive
You awaited me on the pier
Nights, you lay awake
He saw you, my dove
And the Devil forgot about eternity
The Devil took on my likeness
Not five differences could you find
He fell onto his knees before you
He kissed your cold hands
I left you, my dove
Promising to return soon
I have mistook the sky for the sea
I have sailed towards my misfortune
On no map could you find
The latitudes where I and my loyal crue were lost
Where to find the name of the wind
Which returns travellers back home?
I would've put up white sails
I would've come rushing home by dawn
I would untie the moon from the mooring
So it, too, could return home
Only, should I return, really?
Shoudl I really come alive?
If the Devil lives in my stead
And the Devil sings my songs to you?
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Сказка о Дьяволе (Skazka O Diavole)

Kirill KuvinovKirill Kuvinov    Sat, 27/02/2021 - 22:31

Поскольку речь идёт о меореплавателе, team лучше заменить на crue.

jen sajen sa    Wed, 03/03/2021 - 05:12

о, точно)

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