Ας κρατήσουν οι χοροί (As kratísoun oi khoroí) (English translation)

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May the dances never stop

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May the dances never stop
and we'll find alternative
alleys on the outskirts, duh.
By the moment that this congregation
shall unfold itself like a self-dependent village.
Up to the celestial bodies,
using transmittors and antennas,
the Greeks form circuits
and the companies write the history.
George starts the show:
"No matter our condition,
we are nothing at all."
And John sings [along]:
"If nothing is written, something will come up."
And on the sparky moment of the night,
here comes our small fellow Alkis
to merge the glorious past
with the jams of our future.
The sky is [consistent of] flames,
wind-sweeping moments,
sparks and circuits, for sure.
And shining companies [are created from]
its reflection
above the shores.
And, whether they live in the ancient times
or they compromise themselves with orthodoxy,
the Hellenic communities
create an alternative galaxy.
There's Babis who's drunk.
And Lydia is embarrassed
since she's the only one to be seen.
And Achilles with Zoe,
front of the polaroid.
look at the glass with a smile.
Then, Elena the dancer
leans on the side of Tassos
and, with their eyes closed, they sing hugging each other:
"Long live the Greek National Dance Team !"
Why accuse the Parliament ?
Why accuse the representatives
who are deserted and faceless, dude ?
If the head has an ache,
it's due to the faceless love
that it has come across.
But my own head has a name,
it has a body and a religion
and a grandfather on self-dependent regions
within the ottoman empire.
May God keep us strong
so that we always meet each other
and have the times of our lives.
Through dances that encircle us
the same way they set us free,
just like the rivers [being free].
And on the sparky moment of the night,
may our bond be stronger and stronger
and merge the glorious past
with the jams of our future.
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Ας κρατήσουν οι χοροί (As kratísoun oi khoroí)

CarolynCarolyn    Fri, 16/04/2021 - 14:14

This translation is a start, but it needs a lot of work in order for the song to make sense in English.

One thing you might want to change is the word "duh" (for "βρε") at the end of the verse:
"alternative alleys on the outskirts..."

Why "duh"? Do you know what "duh" means? It means something like "you are stupid" or "don't say stupid things." Thus, "Duh" doesn't work at all here. Nor does "dude" later on. In fact, it's probably best not to try to translate the word "βρε."

Also, "alternative alleys on the outskirts" just sounds bizarre in English. What about "countryside haunts " or something more lyrical?

And "sparky moment of the night"? We might say "sparkly," but not "sparky."

I could go on...

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