חולם כמו יוסף (Cholem Kmo Yosef) (English translation)

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Dream Like Joseph

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Every person is expelled from the Garden of Eden
Everyone undergoes a flood
Every person has some Abel
About whom he is deathly jealous
In everyone there is a tower of rebellion and confusion
Every person goes to him1 from his father's house
Everyone nearly binds his son2
Deep inside there is a small Sodom
That he just wants to erase already
And there are angels that will rescue him
And I also dream like Joseph
Yes they also threw me into the pit
A wheel that repeats inside a costume3
And like David I make it into a psalm4
Make it into a psalm
Everyone is a queen like Esther
Defeated like Deborah; only that any army would come
Like everyone she also cries in private
Like Rachel like Moses on Mount Nevo
And I also dream like Joseph
Yes they also threw me into the pit
A wheel that repeats inside a costume
And like David I make it into a psalm
Make it into a psalm
Every person is created in the Image (of the Divine)
An ember burning secrets and clues
Everyone is good content for a movie
A new role inside an age-old story
  • 1. This is a reference to Abraham leaving his father's house. However, his destination is ambiguous. It could mean to himself (This would be based on the exegete Rashi's comment) or to Him (i.e. God).
  • 2. A reference to the Binding of Isaac
  • 3. Likely a reference to the concept of eternal return
  • 4. According to Jewish tradition, King David composed the Book of Psalms
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חולם כמו יוסף (Cholem Kmo Yosef)

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