一首歌一個故事 (Yat sau go yat go gu si) (English translation)

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One song, one story

The crisp guitar, jumbles out songs
What is the muddled content telling?
From the sweet love to the kiss of the scorching Summer, loved it all like crazy
Time breezily passes by, idealistic but stupid, that doesn't sound too bad at all
Until one day, (I) sang all the endless love songs dry
Does it take so much for the beloved to feel touched (by these all)?
The guy in the past who fell in love and fell out of love,
(he) tells a story with every single song (he sang)
Until the end, the emotions of being together or not, just these words
It entirely came from the time back in those days
Just like a song of life, once it starts it doesn't stop
A story is told with every single song
For the road ahead it spurs on
One Mid-autumn, so sweet and important,
Ask anyone, pretty much is the same
You without a name, whom still I cannot forget, make my heart burn on
I've a race with time, every second, I focus on my goal entirely
The more I love you, the strong feelings naturally form songs
Does it take so much for the beloved to feel touched (by these all)?
You can do it, and have already found your paradise of love
Despite of having already tried, every moment is fruitful or fruitless
Ha... I'm still me, even if years will fly by
still will be me, will be me, with happiness, with sadness
It all starts with when I sang my songs
Looking back on my innocent self at the start, who was always in trouble
even so, I've walked through the storms and waves
and I've gained so much
with the lobed we quietly hums a song, comfortably sitting by the window watching the constellation
What has helped me, this year and month I still cannot go through
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Author's comments:

Since this song isn't very clear, I've taken the liberation to translate this song according to my own interpretation whenever it is appropriate. I hope this is okay!

一首歌一個故事 (Yat sau go yat go gu si)

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