Дрызг и брызг (Dryzg i bryzg) (English translation)

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Splish and splash

The autumn rushed into the splish and splash with her long awaited warmth
It’s warm and laughable in the shade under the birch tree
Ah, it would be great to unleash that annoying tongue
And keep silent into a rag.1
To see off the boring Tuesdays
Capriciously remember the vast fields
Metaphysical karbovans2 and midnights of watermelons
Brown kitties and white doggies
A train’s intestine
West-Berlinian matches.
My face aches from a rubbery smile.
Something sour is trickling on the glass-
Maybe it’s judgement,
Or maybe a tear.
Supreme generals are expressing volcanic confusion.
All the same, my jawbone aches from a rubbery smile.
Thunder struck. My glasses fogged up.
My poor boots got torn.
It’s all just nonsense!
Just everyday life.
It’s pretentious.
And there'll be a fathom on my shoulders3
And an ass with a handle 4and a vigorous flea5
And also notorious lies
About how I splish and splash got poisoned by a crooked, cursed smirk.
A strained little smirk.
If one day
I stop appearing at all
In the commendantal and testamental plate of your righteous dreams, know-
Uncatchable avengers6 have caught up to me.
  • 1. idiom meaning, not talking as if you have a rag stuffed into your mouth
  • 2. Ukranian currency
  • 3. idiom meaning broad shoulders
  • 4. idiom meaning an unusual, unexpected event
  • 5. a euphemism for curse words, like "oh snap" instead of "oh s**t" in Engligh
  • 6. uncatchable avengers is the name of a Soviet movie
Submitted by ofsummerofsummer on Thu, 29/07/2021 - 12:46
Author's comments:

One of Letov's poems read out to music.

IremiaIremia    Thu, 29/07/2021 - 13:18

Интересный перевод, но кое-где надо бы поработать идиомы и исправить:

Западно-берлинские matches - West Berlin matches

И в заплатанную тряпочку промолчать => And keep silent/keep the mouth shut (и другие подходящие идиомы)

Убеждённо провожать ненаглядные вторники => Convincingly spend dearest/beloved Tuesdays

Капризно вспоминать широчайшие поприща => Wantonly recall vast career fields

Будет ещё и сажень в плечах => There still be broad shoulders (дать объяснение идиомы в сносках)

И жопа с ручкой => если переводить напрямую, то дать объяснение в сносках, что эта идиома значит

Про вошь тоже надо дать объяснение.

Посмотрите в правилах, как правильно делать сноски/footnotes.
Обычно формат такой:
Квадратная скобка fn квадратная скобка объяснение квадратная скобка /fn квадратная скобка1

  • 1. обьяснение
ofsummerofsummer    Thu, 29/07/2021 - 13:42

Thank you! I will change it soon. What does жопа с ручкой mean?

ofsummerofsummer    Thu, 29/07/2021 - 13:46

I also don't understand, what could I explain about вошь ?

IremiaIremia    Thu, 29/07/2021 - 14:02

Жопа с ручкой can mean unexpected twists and turns of ones life.
Ядрена вошь - difficult situations, challenges etc, imho.
You can look up these idioms here as well, or online, and add them to Idioms here on LT.

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