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The train of life

Here the train of life goes running,
Day or night, rain or sun, it runs, it runs.
One is heading to see mother, longing it’s an ocean,
Another, his sweetheart awaits at the station.
Welcoming people, seeing them off, on the endless road,
Your eyes don’t shut. No, they never sleep.
- chorus
Your arms make it run and our train keeps running,
thousands of hearts united by the machinist with each station.
Running on endless rails, through the train he rallies the hearts,
You shorten our distances, unite our loves.
And thousands of people missing one another, everywhere ...
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Author's comments:

The author of the translation – Yuiop75.
Yuiop75: "this song is part of soundtrack of the movie "Binaret" so it is dedicated to the train machinist (during socialist times) who is the protagonist of the movie".

The author of translation requested proofreading.
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Treni i jetës

Please help to translate "Treni i jetës"
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GavagaiGavagai    Fri, 22/10/2021 - 21:44

This is how I'd translate it:

Here it goes sprinting this train of life
In days and nights, sunshine or rain, it sprints and sprints
Someone is heading to see her/his mother with a longing like the sea
A heart awaits another at the station
You await and carry forward [people] on the endless road
And your eye never sleeps, no it never sleeps
With your wings it sprints, this train of ours here it goes sprinting
Thousands of hearts you unite at the station, o [train] driver
You sprint on the endless rails, with the train you invite the hearts
You shorten the distances, [and] unite the loves
With a longing, myriads of people, everywhere

alfat32alfat32    Fri, 22/10/2021 - 19:59

Thank you very much! Why don't you add it as another English translation of this song?

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