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The Slightest Ones

Mercy for the elves who guard their lives with faith
Our hands do weight them down, but their kind hearts will forgive the weight
Arlathan fell so deep onto the ocean floor
Currents of hate will so challenge their fate
Mercy for the elves who marched with us through fire
Stood with Andraste as she rose against the empire
Can we pay the cost for the allies we have lost in fear?
Our hands of pain will so threaten their name
If we climb through our doubt we can sympathize
When the slightest unite, then a giant will rise
Slightest unite then a giant will rise
Mercy for the elves who wander through the night
Dalish father roams, will the Dalish son survive the fight?
How can we deny what their number can supply the Realm?
Slightest unite then a giant will rise
When the slightest unite then a giant will rise
  • Andraste:

    Andraste - not to be confound with an Icenic war goddess of that name - is here a character in the Dragon Age-series.

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LobolyrixLobolyrix    Wed, 22/04/2020 - 20:00

Annotation corrected; thanks for your note.

BurgholdBurghold    Fri, 22/10/2021 - 09:22

Dalish father roams?

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You're right, it's "father". I corrected that.

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