Саманный дымок завился над трубой... (Samannyy dymok zavilsya nad truboy...) (English translation)

Саманный дымок завился над трубой...

Саманный дымок завился над трубой,
а мы и на час не сумели прилечь.
И вот расстаёмся надолго с тобой,
и в будущем нам
не обещано встреч.
Давно собираться пора
на вокзал.
Всё явственней
краски осеннего дня...
Спасибо, что ты ничего не сказал,
ни словом одним
не утешил меня.
Ну что ж, поцелуй меня, добрый мой друг.
Ещё мою руку чуть-чуть подержи.
Любовь не боится
огромных разлук.
Любовь умирает
от маленькой лжи.
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The grey smoke started curling above the chimney

The grey smoke started curling above the chimney,
And we couldn't lie down even for an hour,
And then you and I are breaking up for long,
And there's no guarantee,
That we'll meet up in future.
It's high time to go
To the railway station,
The colors of the autumn day
Become more and more clearly visible...
Thank you, that you said nothing,
You didn't say a word
To console me.
All right, kiss me, my good friend,
Just hold my hand a little longer,
Love isn't afraid
Of long separations,
Love dies
Of a little lie.
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Submitted by Proshor ProshorovProshor Proshorov on Sat, 27/11/2021 - 16:05
Added in reply to request by JadisJadis
Author's comments:

Саман - a kind of firewood

JadisJadis    Sat, 27/11/2021 - 16:39

Thanks! It makes my mind clearer on some points.
I thought "Саманный" referred to some kind of "adobe" ? I also now better understand "Всё явственней / краски осеннего дня"...
But I would have said fo "Ещё мою руку чуть-чуть подержи." : Just hold my hand a little longer ?
And I think that in English, "to fear" is transitive, so rather "Love doesn't fear long separations" ?

MusapyrMusapyr    Sat, 27/11/2021 - 17:31

Sorry, but why do you think that way? Cаман is a straw of cereal plants exactly and not other thing ever. I think this adjective here hasn't any specific meaning but used for rhythm only. Maybe it can make a sense of country life because autumn has come and people burns the straw in ovens.

Proshor ProshorovProshor Proshorov    Sat, 27/11/2021 - 17:08

I think, "саман" here is a tree, "саманный" - firewood from this tree, the smoke from chimney, when they're burning

JadisJadis    Sat, 27/11/2021 - 17:01

Yes, it looks more logical, only I couldn' find that meaning nowhere...

Proshor ProshorovProshor Proshorov    Sat, 27/11/2021 - 17:07

More precisely it's a kind of fuel. Don't tie yourself up, she's a strange poetess. Something is burning in the furnace, the smoke from the chimney...

JadisJadis    Sat, 27/11/2021 - 18:02

Yes, I also finally thought of adobe color, although it looks a little "far-fetched" IMHO.

And shouldn'it be "Всё явственнее" instead of " Всё явственней" (краски is a plural if I'm not wrong) ? That was what put me into trouble.

Thanks for help anyway.

Proshor ProshorovProshor Proshorov    Sat, 27/11/2021 - 18:11

"явственный" - literally : "discernible", "distinct", "clear",

Proshor ProshorovProshor Proshorov    Sat, 27/11/2021 - 19:48

А где перевод-то Дианин? Был часа два назад и уже нет.

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