כמו משוגע (Kmo meshuga) (English translation)

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Like a crazy

Sometimes you say you need loneliness
It's hard for you together and this is not one day
And time is not running out of you, you slowly come back
to yourself, for me, for yourself
And it was convenient for you here, you gave me no rest
How can I forgive you, explain to me
During the days you are cold to me, at night you are far from me
I feel like crazy without you
"Darling" - she called me, and eventually ran away from me
And now I don't know what's going on with her
And the flowers, you say, remind you of a holiday
When you opened the doors and hugged like there would be no tomorrow
But time does not forget and let
you know that I'm sorry
And I dreamed at night that you came back to the neighborhood
And you already have another man
I don't have the strength to leave and fall like a leaf fall
When you left, you took everything and that's enough
Come back because it's hard for me, This loneliness burns
all our memories like paper
Come back because there is nothing left of you
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כמו משוגע (Kmo meshuga)

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