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His Grace Is Greater lyrics

  • Artist: Larnelle Harris (Larnelle)
  • Album: I've Just Seen Jesus (1985)

His Grace Is Greater

His grace is greater than our failures.
His peace runs deeper than our fears.
If we go to Him for mercy,
our hearts can rest assured
His love will keep us through our tears.
He'll give us strength to simply trust Him
through times we may not understand.
We will gain a sweet assurance
no passing doubt can dim.
Our lives are safely in His hands.
Though countless souls 
have come to Him so desperate and lost
with faith no greater than a tiny seed,
each one has found a wondrous truth
beneath His simple cross.
His grace is greater than our need.
No height or depth in all creation
can reach beyond His love for me
and his power has raised my spirit,
the work forever done.
With grace, His power has raised my spirits,
the work forever done. 
His grace is greater,
His grace is greater,
His grace is greater than my need.
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