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Confessione – story (English translation)

  • Artist: Nesli (Francesco Tarducci)
  • Song: Confessione – story
English translationEnglish

Confession – Story

Maybe I can't remember what it was like when I was young
Back when I should have learned to feel unique
Back when I should have woken up from the worst nightmare
And when I should have understood I was in danger
Maybe I can't, I can't remember
This day is way too long and I'm dying in it
I'm not how I want to be, you don't know what I want
Just keep fucking your own pride, this world is like you anyway
It just wants a sign, like a child
Inside it, I don't look like myself
Inside of all of this, I go one more mile and I despise myself
What do you feel now that you've seen the world with nothing but
Covered eyes and a clear sky
They look at me thinking I've lost
But I never lost my consciousness
I'm here writing, not thinking about it
My mind keeps traveling opposite everyone else's
I keep trying, under the effect of all these days
Because if you feel any affection you're going to collapse
Standing on the edge between imaginary worlds
Delusional sunsets, between always zero-balance bank accounts
With all the money we spent we would've been millionaires
Maybe I can't, I can't remember
When there was nothing in my head but that dream
When I told you: “If I leave I'm not coming back”
I don't believe in hell anymore
A god who never wanted the best
For each of his children on this earth
But I do believe in war, because it's in my blood
Because when you keep swallowing shit you grow up sooner or later
Maybe I can't remember what it was like before all this
Before I understood no one's honest in the end
Before the signatures on paper, before all the rest
Before I saw your face on a poster
Maybe I can't, I can't remember
Those battles fought till the last second
Waiting for your turn, your train, your day
Always lost in the same old nightmare
Maybe I can't remember sense and struggle
Madness, will in this fucking life
The friends I could no longer keep beside me
I'm not boasting about it, but the devil, the devil took the bank
I'm sitting at the table, at the last episode
If it were a series, this would be the last episode
If it were a series, this would be a gunpoint
Maybe I can't remember what life was like before
Before I understood that losing drives us closer
To the idea of us, yes, but the more evil one
To the idea that, just like the body, everything falls apart
Maybe I should go back to writing just for myself
Not for you, not for him, not for them, not for her
They made money, they're many
They're dead to me
And I never saw them as guilty
Fact number one, I am no one
Over and out, fuck off
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Submitted by altermetaxaltermetax on Fri, 28/01/2022 - 21:38
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Confessione – story

Alma BarrocaAlma Barroca    Fri, 28/01/2022 - 22:06

Thanks, Mattia! Your translation really helped me understand better this song. I tried translating this one earlier, but it seemed so unnatural to me that I gave up. May I use your translation as a base for me to translate the song into Portuguese?

altermetaxaltermetax    Fri, 28/01/2022 - 22:15

You're welcome!
Of course you can Teeth smile

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