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Man To Woman lyrics

  • Artist: Chicago (Chicago Transit Authority)
  • Album: Chicago 21
  • Translations: Portuguese

Man To Woman

Girl, when the moon across the water starts to rise
I'll be looking for tomorrow and I'll see it in your eyes
Girl, though the strongest heart'll shatter in a storm
Now we got this love that we can run to
Tonight, I'll keep you warm
Man to Woman
When you're lying next to me
Man to woman
Girl you're everything I need
Hold on, we'll always be
Always you and me
Hold me close
You're the nearest thing to heaven
That I've known
I can feel the fire that burns inside you
Look how this love has grown
Man to woman (man to woman)
Man to woman (man to woman)
Just say we'll always be
Always you and me
I wanna hold you in the night
Can't you see
That I'm just livin' for your light
I want the world to know
I can't let you go
Man to woman (man to woman)
Man to woman (man to woman)
I want the world to see
Baby what you mean to me...
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