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As it should be

Look at me, start provoking me and then sweetening me,
I'm easy to convince before I revel my secrets to you,
draw me, your hair is the paintbrush sliding around my skin,
your body thirsting for pleasure,
leave out the innocence, it's no use to you any more,
the forbidden is permitted there's no turning back,
for once break free...
Come on, dare, no shyness, no fear, no regret, just love me.
There are no longer rules to respect.
Relax... only the mirror can see us,
we doing it well, this is how it should be,
here your routine and common come to an end,
now there's no moral grey areas or cheek,
for once give yourself.
Come on, dare, no shyness, no fear, no regret, jusr love me.
(just love me) there are no longer rules to respect.
Looking at your eyes it is easy to tell...
you're dying to feel that passion that's burning inside you,
come and smother me in the frenzy of your kisses...
Just love me, there are no longer rules to respect...
Coma and dare with no shyness, fear, or thought...
Just love me, there are no longer rules to respect...
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Author's comments:

I wonder whether "pesar" in line 8 and "pensar" in the penultimate line were intended to be the same word - the singing doesn't seem to be clear enough in the penultimate line for me to to say whether it's "pensar" or "pesar".

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Como debe ser

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