Jaci Velasquez - Cómo Se Cura Una Herida (English translation)

English translation

How do you heal a wound

How sad it is to wake up and face reality
Too see that what you felt was a lie
To know that it's the end
How sad it is to see that wall that yesterday
guarded me and didn't let me see the truth
How do you heal a wound when forgiving
is so hard, when you can't forget
How do you face the world with a heart
in pieces. When the disappointment breaks your world
and leaves such a hit
I never imagined to cry your betrayal
A midst all the pain, my faith was my strength
and in between a thousand regrets
searching for a motivation
I looked to the sky and asked
Your betrayal taught me that nothing is safe
that you can only rely on God
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Cómo Se Cura Una Herida

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