Complete (English translation)

  • Artist: Girls' Generation (소녀시대 / SNSD)
  • Song: Complete
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Shining season fully
Pass the scentful streets
My cautious footsteps, my heart goes pit-a-pat
You who are smiling towards me far away distantly
When your appearance gets closer
All the world's happiness feels like it became mine Oh
At the late afternoon sunshine
I wake up suddenly from my sleep
I laughed without you knowing
Even though it's something that is still far away from the future
I hope it's not a dream from that time
Just one love the two of us
I hope the road we walk on would be the same
Good morning every morning
(Always in my heart)
Your phone call that wakes me up
It's like the morning we both face
Ooh whoo
Like a movie that passed on
More like that a pretty candy
Even sweeter is you
A lot of time may have changed, but
Hoping not letting go the two hands
Just for love eternally
Love that will be final, I hope it's you
It's very precious, you know
Your love
Oh It′s true only looking at each other
I want to be by your side
Through a lot of time, a lot of things may have changed, but
(Woah may have changed)
Hoping not letting go of the two hands (Hoping not letting go)
Just for love eternally (eternally)
Love that will be final (Ooh) I hope it's you
To make my life complete
You make my life complete
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