Guadalupe Pineda - Concierto de Aranjuez (English translation)

English translation

Concert of Aranjuez

Next to you, as the hours pass oh my love
There's a whisper of crystal fountain
That seems to talk quietly
To the roses in the garden.
Sweet love, those dried colorless leaves
That seeps the wind their memories
Of romances from yesterday,
Traces and promises made with love in Aranjuez
Between a man and a woman,
In a sunset, that always is involved.
To my love, while two even with fervor,
Won't stop the flower from sprouting,
Neither will lack the world of peace,
Nor heat to the Earth.
I will carry on,
As there're hollow words without love
That will carry the wind
And nobody listen to them carefully,
But other words sound oh my love to the heart
Like notes of a wedding song
And I want to talk to you like that
If you wait for me in Aranjuez.
Later in the afternoon
It is heard a whisper
Is the fountain over there
It seems to be talking to the roses
With your love in Aranjuez.
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Concierto de Aranjuez

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