Karina - Concierto para Enamorados (English translation)

English translation

Concert for lovers

Today the sun doesn't come
The sky looks cloudy
Today that it's raining
I'll wait for you to go for a walk
Today everything is ideal
Maybe for falling in love
Today I'll wait for you
And I'll declare to you my big love
I'll caress you
And you'll grab my hands
I, I'll hug you
You'll kiss me and I'll kiss you
Today I owe myself to you
I'll always be by your side
Time will pass by
And I'll love you more every moment
Today I owe myself to you
I live in love with you
I wanna achieve
that your love be for me too
Time will pass by
And we could be here again
If everything is true
If your love is true nothing will change
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Concierto para Enamorados