Ginamaria Hidalgo - Concierto para una sola voz (English translation)

English translation

Concert For A Single Voice

Call me
Whenever you need to feel my tenderness;
Whenever your heart aches,
When your eyes accidentally look into mine...
Whenever you hear my song,
Whenever you cannot find your way
Call me and you shall see
How I am the voice that becomes a woman...
I am the source of all being:
The gestation of the world you shall conquer!
Hold me tight like this
And you shall be happy once again,
You will live again...
You will come back to me
With love...
Aaah... La ra la ra, aaah...
Because this is how it is,
Because it will always be like this
Each time that you invoke me...
Oh, love!
My love...
My love...
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Concierto para una sola voz

Metodius    Thu, 18/01/2018 - 22:06

Thank you very much! That is extremely kind of you Regular smile