Almafuerte - Convide rutero (English translation)

English translation

Road invitation

I hear the routes calling me.
Are deep voices inviting me to roll.
They say they miss my wanderings.
Pedal to the bottom, on inland.
Dreams invade my rest
With their load of road invitation.
Crossing the wide plains,
For reaching nowhere, like the wind does.
They want to see me again.
That's why they're calling me.
I go straight without a fixed direction,
To go going just going
for going.
Taking my life speeding up without thinking of coming back,
Or in stopping.
I hear the routes calling me.
And their reason dresses my honest saying.
Which will be assured by who
saw me going over there,
or for those who will see me going.
If I achieve to fill the tank
I'll answer the call
If my luck wants it so
Like many times before
Being who feels.
I'll part...
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Convide rutero

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