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Corrandes d'exili (English translation)

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Exile songs

In a full moon night
we pulled the ridge,
slowly, quietly...
If the moon was at its biggest
our sorrow was too.
My beloved accompanies me
tanned skin and serious bearing
like a God's Mother
someone found in the mountain.
So she forgives our war,
that covers her in blood, and tares her apart.
Before crossing the line, (border between Catalonia and France)
I sit and kiss the ground
and caress it with my shoulder.
In Catalonia I left
the day of my departure
half of my life drowsing:
the other half came with me
not to left me lifeless.
Today in France's lands
and tomorrow further maybe,
I won't die of nostalgia
yet of nostalgia I will live.
In my Vallès' land (a region of Catalonia)
three hills form a mountain chain,
four pines a thick forest,
five acres too much land.
"There's nothing like the Vallès"
Let the pines hug the cove,
the hermitage on top of the hill;
and on the beach a small sunshade
that beats like a wing.
A melted hope,
an infinite remorse.
And such a small homeland
that I dream about all together.
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Corrandes d'exili

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