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Cosas de la vida (English translation)

  • Artist: Porta
  • Song: Cosas de la vida
English translationEnglish

Things of life

A story to tell you, yes, these are things1of life...
How many times have I fallen throughout this life
and learned to get up in that eternal fall,
that sorrows are not forgotten neither with joints nor drinks,
Game Over you can play well and lose the game,
by running risks you can't imagine the colleagues who come to betray you,
how many more questions you just have to solve yourself, how many sorrows will drown you, how many beautiful ladies managed to conquer you.
When something is not fair you can't keep silent,
you know that something is missing to fill the void
you must follow that path determinated in a straight line
you should never sink, fight and continue but stand tall.
When everything goes wrong, wait, don't rush,
always when looking at your photo my vision got cloudy,
I have always been a pessimist and I think I'll continue to be
because I don't care either way and in memories I still see you.
Your intention was not good, I could't forget your betrayal,
because my heart died, broke and stopped beating,
you locked me in your prison without prior justification
why you left? I ask you without you giving me an explanation.
Thanks to that I became a distrustful inmature guy,
because life beats you up, you just have to accept it,
in my eyes only hatred and a pure resentment is left,
because you don't know the pain one feels when losing everything.
I locked myself in the room and in a corner I started to cry
"tell me what the hell is it for if you're not here anymore?"
I want to erase from my mind all the bad moments,
I want to continue to be strong, that disconsolate child,
but I still see you reflected in that dark glass,
remembering those days together in that vestibule,
in which I used to brush your lips, that time was great
I remember that I wanted to be with you until the end.
They're things of life, they're things of your history,
day-to-day things, there are sorrows but also glories,
days you fly days you fall into pits,
in the planted garden there are weeds and also roses.(x2)
One more day everything becomes cloudy, there's no desire to live anymore,
there's nothing to keep going for, there's nothing to make you smile
and it's just that in the end one ends up even living with their sorrows,
one ends up just wanting to cut one's wrists.
Why friends? why I would you fail because of rules?
I trusted you and friendship is deformed,
easily my fragile mind ran away from it all
between phrase and phrase, snare drum and bass drum, I came out of the mud.
If all of you blindly look only for your own good,
then, true friends only one out of a hundred,
I know I can only trust pen and paper
because when I tell them about my life I don't feel like an idiot,
I tell them one by one my deepest secrets,
beause they won't laugh at me nor will the whole world find out,
people have failed me so many times that I have lost count.
and I really don't remember, maybe about 30 or 40
and it's just that more than half under a mask is masked,
they're moved by interest, greed, they earn nothing,
they'll lose more friendships than they'll ever gain
where will they go? day by day I wonder, where will they go?
I no longer expect anything from anyone,
I don't expect you to understand me
I won't mention a name
I dont think it's worth it.
I know that there are no friends, though I have myself
I know that I can live alone without falling into the abyss,
it's the account of any story anywhere,
don't trust anyone, they can fail you,
this is just advice that this little guy can give you,
but from then on I leave trusting people in your hands.
Because time changes, but people too,
because time passes and it will never stop
because there are still many things to learn,
because there is still a path in life that I must choose.
(Because) They're things of life, they're things of your history,
day-to-day things, there are sorrows but also glories,
days you fly days you fall into pits,
in the planted garden there are weeds and also roses.(x2)
And it's just that they're things of life, chapters of my history,
that fairy tale became more pain than glory,
in spilled scum, cries on a pillow,
because misfortune acclaims me and accompanies me to bed.
Striped paranoia and a bitter loneliness,
left me the lady who I really loved,
every morning under the sheets I cry thinking of you
that night we argued was the last time I saw you.
and I wonder the reason behind every kiss you gave me
why did I trust you if the reason was the missing answer,
because luck never accompanies me,
no wonder I don't believe one iota in hope.
Labyrinth without exit, I look for you and I can't find you
in the only place you are is in my thoughts
deep inside exactly where the feelings are,
the regrets, since then my heart beats slowly.
After months sometimes I still think of when I was your child,
those kisses on the neck slowly and lovingly,
that you gave me filled me with hope and dreams,
I keep remembering the day my heart died.
I remember that I would have given my life for you
I doubt that there's someone who loves you as I have loved you,
you never lacked for anything because I gave you everything
I want to sleep and wake up knowing that I never lost you.
And even though it's hard for me to accept it, you're still in my thoughts,
I try to forget you but I don't know if I want to,
we all know that pride gets you nowhere,
everything is dark since the day you left me.
Luck turned its back on me and hope was lost,
time forgets and doesn't forgive, the needle doesn't wait, it advances,
I forgive and never forget I feel alone and empty
I never regretted the time we lived together.
(Because) They're things of life, they're things of your history,
day-to-day things, there are sorrows but also glories,
days you fly days you fall into pits,
in the planted garden there are weeds and also roses.(x2)
That life is shit we also corroborate it,
we do nothing about it and we cross our arms,
easy to hide, complain, drown sorrows into bottles,
without thinking for a moment that it entails consequences.
Deceive yourself, live determined to say that life is beautiful,
hours, days, months, years go by and you still trust her,
the damage is over, live for today or you'll lose tomorrow,
this is the story of someone who no longer trusts anything.
Appreciate what you have before it slips away
because many change their mind and it's already too late,
and shed tears, alone in broken silence
time moves slowly inside their dead body.
Live every moment as if it were your last breath
of polluted air at twilight, the last verse,
end of the last chapter,
what to call this episode that has no title?
  • 1. situations

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Cosas de la vida

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