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Cours Camarade (English translation)

  • Artist: Alex Beaupain
  • Song: Cours Camarade
English translationEnglish

Run, my friend

Run, comrade
The old world is behind you
The barricades
The infantrymen, and then what?
Run, comrade
The wrecks of cobblestones
The melees
The cocktails and after that
Run, comrade
The old world is only a speck of dust
One last kick
And we'll bury him in Nanterre
Run, comrade
Give us your beautiful speech again
On your platform
The raised fist, the heavy heart
The old world is taking a last breath
Several fortnights
And you'll be back in its slippers
Run, comrade
Your posters and your slogans
You sell them off
To sell toothbrushes
Run, comrade
The old world has trapped you again
It is sick
It is ready to die
Run, comrade
You will die with it
In a stampede
As we are dying today
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Cours Camarade

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