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I will believe

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When you feel like you're about to faint
And when you don't have the strength to continue
You have thought about abandoning
that dream that desire that's in your soul
The mind says that there is nothing that you can do
but your heart doesn't stop
And you find the mountain in front of you
but I know that you will make the cross if you believe
I will believe, I will believe, I will believe oh!
Oh!, oh!, ... ah!
When it seems that you can no longer fight
and it looks as if though the path is about to end
when no one believes you, when the doors are closed
please don't stop because you must continue
The hope will make you look beyond
and faith will give you the strength to make you believe that you will win
now is the time to move forward and forget about the past
and celebrate what will come together singing
And the words that will come trying to extinguish
The fire that's inside you must forget them
And the wind will blow but you will not stop
If God is at your side you will have everything necessary
To lift you up and believe
Because God is the one who gives us strength
have confidence, have confidence, etc., sing with me
yes I will believe, I will believe
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Author's comments:

There are a lot of misspellings in the original Spanish text. I did my best in deciphering the authors intent



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novice    Sat, 24/03/2012 - 22:47

just some corrections on the spanish version

Cuandos sientas desmayar
Y que ya no hay fuerzas para cotinuar
has pensado abandonar
ese sueno ese anhelo que en tu elma esta

La mente dice no nada puedes hacer
Pero tu corazon no para de creer
Y la montana se encruentra frente a ti
mas yo se que la cruzaras si lo puedes creer

Creere, creere, creere oh
oh, oh....ah!

cuando parezca como si no puedas pelear mas
y se ve como si el camino llego a su final
cuando nadie en ti crea, cuando te cierren las puertas
por favor no te detengas porque debes continuar

La esperanza te hara mirar mas alla
Y la fe te dara fueza de creer que venceras
ahora es tiempo de avanzar y del pasado olvidar
Y celebrar lo que vendra juntos cantar

Y las palabra que vendran intentando apagar
El fuego que hay en ti las debes olvidar
Y el viento soplara pero no te detendra
si dios esta a tu lado tu tienes todo lo necessario
Para levantarte y creer

Porque Dios es el que nos da las fuerzas
confia confia confia confia canta conmigo si
creere yo creere