cross my heart

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cross my heart (English) — Həqiqəti dediyini sübut etmək üçün işlədilir

Azerbaijani, explained by RadixIce on Wed, 31/05/2017 - 21:21

cross my heart — something that you say in order to emphasize that something is true

English, explained by Persian_Glamberts on Fri, 21/12/2012 - 16:42

cross my heart — qualcosa che dici per sottolineare che sia vero

Italian, explained by FaruktheHunter on Thu, 22/03/2018 - 16:33
= giuro (I swear / Yemin ederim) - Cristina223 6 months ago

cross my heart — Фраза, которой хотят подчеркнуть истинность своих слов.

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cross my heart — Doğru söylediğini kanıtlamak için söylenir.

Turkish, explained by zeaussas on Mon, 31/08/2015 - 07:46

Translations of "cross my heart"

AzerbaijaniAnd içirəm
DutchJe hand over je hart strijken
Estoniankätt südamele panema
FrenchCroix de bois, croix de fer.
Persianبه جان خودم (قسم)
Polishsłowo harcerza
Polishklnę się na...(outdated)
RussianВот те крест!
SerbianKunem se
TurkishYemin ederim

"cross my heart" in lyrics

Got you stuck on my body, on my body like a tattoo
Yeah… yeah… yeahhhh

So I cross my heart and i hope to die
that I’ll only stay with you one more night
and I know I said it a million times

Maroon 5 - One More Night

Our last time

Forever thine, forever mine
I cross my heart
I won't let go, I will survive
The might of time

Imany - Seat With Me

Show me what I can’t see when the spark in your eyes is gone
You’ve got me on my knees I’m your one then come
Cross my heart and hope to die
Promise you I’ll never leave your side

Bring Me the Horizon - Follow You

No more, no more, I know
But she loved me at one time
Would I promise her that night
Cross my heart and hope to die

[Pre-Chorus: Shawn & Camila

Shawn Mendes - I Know What You Did Last Summer

Until that dream was you
When I look into your eyes
The sky's a different blue
Cross my heart
I wear no disguise
If I tried, you'd make believe

Bon Jovi - Thank You For Loving Me

Never again

(What's a man without a woman?)
Cross my heart

Vaya Con Dios - What's a Woman?

Swear, most likely I'm-ma die wit' you, yeah

[Chorus: Halsey]
Cross my heart, hope to die
To my lover, I'd never lie
He said “be true,” I swear I'll try

G-Eazy - Him & I

I keep my head up high
I cross my heart and hope to die
Lovin' me is complicated
Too afraid, a lot of changes

Kendrick Lamar - Alright

And I am not a criminal, though even a child here can sell you a gram.
Half of them are named 'Khan' and if someone is Kurt,
he is no Vonnegut.
I am not a racist, cross my heart, but every other one here is orangutan.
Everywhere there's sin, Bollywood, trash - this is E16 - all the nations mixed, Bangladesh, vietnamese, tons of moms at 16, and a white man is like a mutant.

Oxxxymiron - Eastern Mordor

Cross my heart and hope to die
Burn my lungs and curse my eyes
I've lost control and I don't want it back

I'm going numb, I've been hijacked
It's a fucking drag

Panic! at the Disco - Nicotine

you know what I want you to say.
Don't be cruel to a heart that's true.
Why should we be apart?
I really love you baby, cross my heart.

Let's walk up to the preacher

Elvis Presley - Don't Be Cruel

Life's had nothing more to give

Cross my heart and hope to die
May my end come tonight
Across the dark, into the light

Sentenced - Cross my heart and hope to die

Tomorrow I heard
that you're cheating on me with other
then I used to cross my heart
I won't kiss you

Aca Lukas - You die of loneliness

Swallow one's pride
Back on the horse
Cross my heart and hope to die
Cross my heart and hope to die
I'll do it all again

Scandinavian Music Group - So I Whistle on my Way

the head that thinks for you,
I am the captain that sinks your ship.

Cross my heart
I am a servant,
I’m your father

Megaherz - Cross My Heart

Flame so bright make the daylight look dark
Cross my heart, that I'll die for you
Cross my heart, that I'll always keep you
Cross my heart like a bitter sweet tattoo
And we go...

Demi Lovato - Kingdom Come

Which mountains and fir tree needles would take me from fatigue
I remained friendless in an age without rebellion
What pain, what arrow was shot at me to break me,
to cross my heart, my wound in the left side...
My wound in the left side.

Mircea Vintilă - Longing for solitude

Will be able to break our rule

Of flesh and blood
Cross my heart and hope to die
Of flesh and blood
Here in front of you I take the oath

Cléopâtre, la dernière reine d’Egypte - The oath

I'll see you in the future when we're older
And we are full of stories to be told
Cross my heart and hope to die
I'll see you with your laughter lines

Bastille - Laughter Lines

As the years went by, we drifted apart
When I heard that you were gone
I felt a shadow cross my heart

But he's nobody's

Rush - Nobody's Hero

Don't touch my sister !

My sister will never be my rival
Cross my heart & hope to eternity
My sister will always be an animal
My favorite animal

Nathalie Cardone - My sister ( will never be my rival )

I just wanna be your friend

I don't want to make you cry
Cross my heart and hope to die
Drawin' blood and lonely stars
Drinking piss for cheap guitars

Green Day - Lady Cobra

I cross my heart and I hope to die
Me God strike me down if I tell you lies
Stay here forever looking in your eyes
24/7 baby 3-6-5
I'll take your hand and I'll hold real tight
I'll tell you life's just for playing so don't think twice

The Script - The energy never dies

A breath, an aid
Give me a hand, help
I cross my heart
I cross my heart
The world is mortal
I'm a tired traveler

Hadi İnşallah (OST) - The other half of the apple

I pray for you and me and hope I’m right
And I’m wearing out that ole wishing well
You never know if time is gonna tell
I cross my heart and hope for you tonight

Taylor Swift - Cross My Heart

I'll never see tomorrow till my eyes are clear.
We never could run faster than the passing years.
I know that I won't miss you till you're gone, into the fire.
Cross my heart, we'll never have to let this end if we don't start.
We'll never see the light till we step into the dark.

The Birthday Massacre - Down

Till the day that I stop livin'
Girl my love I won't stop givin'
Cross my heart and hope to die my love is yours
And I pray girl that this feeling
Is something that we always feelin'

Bruno Mars - Top Of The World

So let's make each tomorrow
Be the best that it can be

I cross my heart
And promise to
Give all I've got to give

George Strait - I cross my heart

No matter what you do, I'm here for you

I don't wanna live in yesterday
Cross my heart until I die
Don't wanna know just what tomorrow may bring
Because today has just begun

Ozzy Osbourne - Here For You

Come here closer, don't be shy
Cross my heart and hope to die
Keep the secret me and you
And seal it with a kiss

Britney Spears - Seal It With A Kiss

Tears fill your eyes
Cross my heart, hope you die
Nowhere to run or hide
Cross my heart, hope you die
You will be mine

Razakel - Cherry Red

Dad's Gonna Kill Me.

And who's that stranger walking in my dreams
And whose that stranger cast a shadow 'cross my heart
And who's that stranger, I dare speak his name
Must be old Death a-walking

Richard Thompson - Dad's Gonna Kill Me

It falls like rain, and burns like fire

It's so dark in my mind
I cross my heart and hope to die
I'm so bad, at goodbyes
I hold my breath, and close my eyes

Owl City - I Found Love

I was born under a bad sign,
But you saved my life
That night on the roof of your hotel
"Cross my heart and hope to die,
Splinter from the headboard in my eye"
Photo-proofed kisses I remember so well

Fall Out Boy - G.I.N.A.S.F.S

You learn how to fall, it's a faster ride
Lessons learned forgive and forget
I did what I did I got no regrets
Cross my heart and hope to die
I swear this on my life I'm not a

Ricky Martin - Liar

Back stabbing, money grabbing
Slaves of gold
I'm telling you, I don't need to be told
I cross my heart, rock my soul
Baby I was born to be sold
I was born to be sold

Transvision Vamp - Born to be sold

I would drive to the ends of the Earth for you
Jumpstart my heart you know what you gotta do
I would ride through the dark of the night with you
Cross my heart and hope to die it's true

[Chorus] (x2)

Madonna - Body Shop

Give her love, and she will die

Calling me, oh my oh my
Cross my heart and hope to die
Bourbon streets and bicycles
Holding you in carnivals

Imagine Dragons - Emma

Cross my heart, I don't want to die.
But heaven knows it seems like I try.
Lost in a labyrinth for weeks on end.
I live and I learn from my mistakes, then I forget them again.

Got a feeling in my stomach that just won't quit.

Bring Me the Horizon - Home Sweet hole

Found safety in this loneliness
But I cannot stand it anymore

Cross my heart hope not to die
Swallow evil, ride the sky
I lose myself in a crowded room

Metallica - The Unnamed Feeling

Just another voice in the wilderness

Stick with me forever
Cross my heart and hope to die
You should give me everything and so will I
And the world will know

Bee Gees - Voice in the Wilderness

And put them back in my pockets;
I thought that warmth was just a habit;
All apologies I sent you were rejected;
Cross my heart I couldn’t be more honest.

Repeat * **

Bayer - Deep Blue

Come on, come and be free
Come on, come and see

I'll cross my heart and swear I'll never be like that
With the tears seeping through the laughs
Blood dripping, guts are spilling

CircusP - Ten Thousand Stars

Maybe I could bet my love on a four leaf clover
The winter house, then you know it's over
It's cold in my soul like it's cold outside
Cross my heart and hope to find the love that lasts a lifetime

But I ain't there yet,

The Band Perry - Lucky Ones

Swear, most likely I'm-ma die wit' you, yeah

[Chorus: Halsey]
Cross my heart, hope to die
To my lover, I'd never lie
He said “be true,” I swear I'll try

G-Eazy - El&eu

I'll cross my heart and hope to die
Before I have the chance to lie
To you, my dear, who I wish no harm
But I know in the end this will turn out wrong

See I've been known to fall in love

City and Colour - Forgive Me

These hills have riffs
These woods have words so deep they're buried in them
I cross my heart and hope to live
Pray all is forgiven
These woods have history

My Ruin - Hour Of The Wolf

Vow your life to the spirits
I will make of you a king
Cross my heart

By by by by our sacred vows

La Légende du roi Arthur (Comédie musicale) - By our sacred vows

I gave up on this fairy tale lie

Blind man's wisdom
Cross my heart but it's a lie
I kept us going the last time
You used one of your nine lives

Lacuna Coil - Intoxicated

'Cause I am ghostwriter for Kravets and Batishta.[4]
I took part in a hundred of plays,
Including "The Merchant of Venice".
I embraced Islam - I cross my heart![5]
I began to smoke crack again,
I got into a western film,

Oxxxymiron - Lie Detector

I used to want it all
I used to be somebody

I'll cross my heart and hope to die but the needle's already in my eye
And all the world's weight is on my back and I don't even know why
And what I used to think was me is just a fading memory

Nine Inch Nails - Down In It

I can tell ( how you know?) because her eyes red
Her heart hurt, it's been beat up
I wanna start over, don't mislead ya
I cross my heart like I pledge allegiance.
I give my all if you don’t leave me
She G-H-E-TT-O

August Alsina - Ghetto

And I'll give you all the joy
you're dreaming of

Cross my heart

Johnny & atractions - Cross my heart

Three cheers you fooled them all x2
Come on now, Hip Hip Hooray x2

Before I cross my heart and hope to die at all
Take off my mask and leave the lies to the liars
Before I close my eyes I'm gonna give it up

The Used - Hospital

I'll be there today
With a big bouquet of cactus
I got this rig that runs on memories
And I promise, cross my heart,
They'll never catch us
But if they do, just tell them it was me

Leonard Cohen - I Can't Forget

I swear I've loved you all along.
From the first time I laid eyes, until the day I die,
I know I'll love you until the end of time.
If you cross my heart I'll hope to die.

It's been this way all my life.

Frank Iero and the Patience - Miss Me

Take a look around you, consequence surrounds you
I would cross my heart and hope to die
You should thank your lucky stars and count your fading scars
'Cause no one said you had to live a lie

Sum 41 - This Is Goodbye

When it rains it will pour
On your sad sorry soul
As the cold leaves your hands trembling
Cross my heart hope you cry
When you open your eyes
And the whole world is empty of me

Kait Weston - Last Dance

The day is not today

I'm here
I cross my heart and swear to my name
That i'll take this scene where I want it to be
I open my world slightly

Erin - What remains here

I swear it's true
I've never loved anyone more than I'm loving you

Cross my heart
Hope to die
May lightning strike me if I'm telling a lie

Eighth Wonder - Cross my Heart

Livin’ the life.

Wake up wondering: “How did I get here?”
Then cross my heart and say a fuckin’ prayer.
Ecstasy, tears, bravery, fears,

Anti-Flag - Broken Bones

b-e-a-u,u,u your beatiful, b-e-a-u,u,u your beautiful
b-e-a-u,u,u your beautiful b-e-a-u,u,u your beautiful.

Cross my heart oh my wow
prettiest face around
girl I walk a thousand miles, to see you laugh, make you smile.

Carson Lueders - Beautiful

Her love is so new age

She's got a flicker in her eyes, make you feel alive
I wake up high, cross my heart, and girl I hope to fly
Like everyday we fly away baby you know you blow my mind
Oh my, girl you blow my mind

DVBBS - Angel

feel the distance,
we wont get together again
and i cross my heart , i will forget you

i made you laugh , u made me sad

Nassif Zeytoun - Enough Go Away

I got muscles, I'm a stud,
Jealous people kiss my butt,
I'm so fly I'll make you cry,
Cross my heart and hope to die.

I am a superstar with a big big house and a big big car,

Toy-Box - Superstar

Are you weeping on my pillow?
Is there nothing I can say now?
Cross my heart and pray
Turn to me and say

The Adventures - Always

Bădiță, don’t play with me
Te-ajunge blestemili
Păi mândruță I cross my heart
Că te-oi aştepta la gard

Jukebox - Come On Everybody

I'm gonna take one more shot
Then I'm quitting forever
Cross my heart, cross my fingers [x2]

Patrick Stump - Run Dry (X Heart X Fingers)

I don't know
When the teacher put the ruler down on my hand
I laugh!
Cross my heart and hide reliever in trails of blood,
I love?!?

Mad Season - I Don't Know Anything

Come on, Come and be free
Come on, Come and see

I'll cross my heart and swear I'll never be like that
With the tears seeping through the laughs
Blood dripping, guts are spilling

Hatsune Miku - Ten Thousand Stars

At wits end, the gate is near soon I will be out of here
There is no time left this is the twelfth hour
My days are done, my time is here,
cross my heart and have no fear

Sirenia - The 12th Hour

These blood red lips are poisonous
One last breath, one slow death
Say a prayer while you're laying there motionless
I cross my heart, I hope you die

New Years Day - Murder

If it feels so right don't you leave my side
Don't be crazy [x2]

Cross my heart, hope your mine
Don't you waste my time-i-ime
Your my sun

Justine Skye - Loco

Broken promise, broken mind
Spent that summer getting high
What's the difference this time
Cross my heart and hope to die

Broken hearts and broken bones

Parlour Tricks - Broken Hearts / Bones

Vow your life to the spirits
I will make of you a king
Cross my heart

By by by by our sacred vows

La Légende du roi Arthur (Comédie musicale) - By our sacred vows

Cross my heart, broke your promise, told me lies
Why did you watch me suffer?
Make me feel like I, deserved to
Everybody takes everybody breaks
Somebody's heart leaving someone alone
But this felt more like you ripping flesh from bone

Halestorm - The reckoning

You don’t think you’re perfect
But you’re everything I want and more
And I’ll try to make you mine
Cross my heart and I hope to die
I'v never met a girl like you before
I've never met a girl

Daniel J - A Girl Like You

Yes indeed, the event may have many true ...
Well, do not you see who it is?
What ... Do I not look just like this proud brow? "-
"But cross my heart," shouted Susanna
and dropped needles, scissors and thread,
"This must be her grace!!!" -

Anna Maria Lenngren - The Portraits

See a body and the dream of the dead days
A following lost and blind
Cross my heart with silver
Here's the key behind
Seems like twenty-five years of

The Sisters of Mercy - First And Last And Always

Ignorance is bliss.
I wish I could never love you.

Cross my heart and lie to you
(My conscience plagues at me, fills me with this despair) Failure within me.
Promise you and let you down

Silverstein - When Broken Is Easily Fixed

Miss, I adore you
And in short: I love you!
Yes, it has never happened to me, never before -
I cross my heart!

Austin Egen - Miss, I adore you

Karma's a bitch, right?

Cross my heart, I hope you die
Left by the roadside

Asking Alexandria - Alerion

Lightning moves with your thunder
Burns the moon and the stars in the sky

Cross my heart in your fire
Kept my soul by your side
All the years of desire

The Birthday Massacre - Endless

I won't ride with angels anymore,
I'll walk instead

Cross my heart and hope to die

One beautiful day everything goes

Viikate - One Beautiful Day

Cross my heart and hope to die that I'll be true
No one else could steal me away
From this moment on I will take care of you
Standing here with confidence I say

That nothing could ever come between us

Delta Goodrem - You And You Alone

There is some other issue

Come, not for me
Cross my heart, it is not.
There is some other issue.

Yüzyüzeyken Konuşuruz - Still undead

Demand so much of me, yeah
I've had enough
It's tearing me up inside
Cross my heart hope to survive
You got a smoking gun
Well don't shoot me love

Vixen - Love is a Killer

'Cause I will be back again
Don't say goodbye, no
This is the start and not the end
For you, love, cross my heart, I will make this promise
You're more than just a friend
Like a song you're my melody, so stay

Casper Feddema - Don't say goodbye

Like when we were young
Take me back to where we all be began

Cross my heart and hope to die
Since you came into my life
My mama says to pick the best

AJR - Infinity

Oh, our heart's a mess
But it's our only defense to brave the wilderness

Cross my heart and hope to die
Taking this one step at a time
I got your back if you got mine

Walk The Moon - One Foot

I ain't looking for confession
I ain't come to raise the dead
I ain't much for you to offer
Just a cargo of tears and of pain

I ain't come here for forgiveness

Me and that Man - Cross my Heart and Hope to Die

No more tears, baby, please don't cry
I tried to tell him everything is fine
Cross my heart and hope to die
I won't say goodbye

Bat for Lashes - Joe's Dream