Cross my mind

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Cross my mind (English) — Something you think about instantly. Something that just occurred to you in a thought. "You know what just crossed my mind? I forgot to translate that song."

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Cross my mind — Σκέφτομαι κάτι στιγμιαία

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Translations of "Cross my mind"

Frenchvenir à l'esprit de
FrenchTraverser l'esprit de
Greekπερνά απο το μυαλό μου
Spanishcruzarse por la mente
Spanishcruzarse por la cabeza

"Cross my mind" in lyrics

and still you question if I love you
do you even need to ask?
if there's not even one minute of my time
in which you do not cross my mind
and still you question if I love you

Franco De Vita - Do you even need to ask?

You have me here however you want
You come and you displace my loneliness
You go, capturing me
You cross my mind a thousand times
And seeing you by my side is a necessity
To let you go or to say goodbye

Noelia - You

I couldn't count the years I have spent without you
This is not a denial or confession. This is just a complaint

Dont think that getting back with you doesn't cross my mind
but I surrendered myself to my longing, I will not come back
Let this fire live within me until the day I die

Sezen Aksu - I couldn't get enough

Where was I supposed to wait for you sweetheart?
And hide away the shame
Yes I keep it all inside, all the thought that cross my mind
I do all the things I regret and we don't want that

Kaleo - I Can't Go On Without You

and still you question if I love you
do you even need to ask
if there's not even one minute of my time
in which you do not cross my mind
and still you question if I love you

Franco De Vita - Tu de que vas

I’ve really missed you
And you cross my mind suddenly
When I drink and cheer up.

Duman - Melancholy

Chance, gave sign tonight
Stars are aligned
Sweetest thing to cross my mind
Crossed my life

Tiago Iorc - It's a fluke

But not me--but not me
Better not do it to me, after all I'm Daddy
I know that you're dying to get me
but me, it doesn't even cross my mind

I see a very confident look on your face

Tamer Hosny - I'm Daddy

in disgrace, in endless misfortune destiny lashed out
I stoped being child very fast, was I a child even for a moment
and really nothing that is human (is) alien to me
Amusing what ideas sometimes are able to cross my mind*
But I see too much, I feel too strong

Edyta Bartosiewicz - Jenny

Little girl, I love when she talks to me
Got to smile when she walks that walk with me
I want the girl but I want a lot
Might cross my mind, but that's where it stops

Oh, that bitch ain't a part of me

Chris Cornell - Part of Me

But something makes me turn, I don't know,
To see another's footsteps there in the snow,
I smile to myself and then I wonder why it is
You only cross my mind in winter

Sting - You Only Cross My Mind in Winter

I have nothing but myself, let me go away by myself.
Oh sir, let me go.
This is a game, you've won and I've lost.
I was so young, so many things would cross my mind, they still do.
I'd get drunk because of the night,
I'd come clean only to the stars, to the bugs.

Ezginin Günlüğü - Game

Our story was supposed
to end long time ago

It didn't cross my mind
to stop her then
I knew when she goes

Dejan Cukić - Summer rains

Everytime the autumn comes
With the falling yellow leaves
Among the dry branches
You cross my mind.

Teoman - Autumn Leaves

When you give my hand a squeeze every time that we kiss
When we watching television
Just a couple of the things I sit on reminiscing
And I will start to cry every time that you will cross my mind

And I just thought that you should know

Iyaz - Goodbye

Lookin' down is quite a drop (It's quite a drop, drop)
Lookin' good when you're on top (When you're on top you got it)
A lot of metaphors, leavin' miracles metaphysically in a state of euphoria
Look both ways before you cross my mind


Kendrick Lamar - Wesley's Theory

[Chorus 1:]
What must I, what I must not
did never cross my mind
because till death I love you
to the end of mankind

Dimitris Mpasis - Whispers from the heart

and if you come up in discussions in front of me, i don't say yes that's my love

I hear your name, and it doesn't affect me,
You don't even cross my mind
i don't miss your days, nor is it like it used to be

Amr Diab - Yes, I've changed

There are some bounds I want to cross
There are some hypocrites I have to respect
And some things never cross my mind
I'm a hero who's unfortunatly worthless from time to time
I laugh staring at the sun and I repeat myself that you

Fabrizio Moro - I Breathe

tell it from your heart, before it goes deeper

Is cold outside but you keep saying, It’s getting too late,
even though it cross my mind about asking you to stay
I just give it away, give it away

Sergey Lazarev - I Need Love

everything around me reminds me of something
even my voice and laughter reminds me of you
even if the world has gone absent, you would not be forgotten
you should look at me, oh, when you cross my mind
the places..the places
all the places are missing you

Mohammed Abdu - the places

Restless let’s leave it all behind
And Tonight

Crazy when you cross my mind
Oh the trouble we could get into
So what let’s just give this a try

Miley Cyrus - The Time Of Our Lives

I'm ok, I'll survive
I only think about you half of the time
All these tears are just drops in the ocean baby
You never even cross my mind
No No
Boy you wish it hurt that much

Jordin Sparks - Papercut

You still cross my mind from time to time
And I mostly smile
Still so set on finding out where we went wrong and why
So I retrace our every step with an unsure pen
Trying to figure out what my head thinks
But my head just ain't what it used to be

La Dispute - Andria

Even though trough day, trough night at full
I can ride with my friends
And it didn't even cross my mind
That I could miss something else
The most important reason for why I dig you

Robin - Brake pad

Oh yeah, that's what happens when you don't try
You know I always thought about him
Even when the other boys sneak in
But infidelity would never even cross my mind

Wonderful, so wonderful

Melanie Martinez - You Love I

so how do you

cross my mind

just like a bird?

nazar ghobani - Only You

‘Cause everything will change tonight

There was a time when a moment like this
Wouldn’t ever cross my mind
The sun will rise with my name on your lips
‘Cause everything will change tonight

Bastille - The Driver

For someone like you, by God I'll give up everything
You're like a bright star just by smiling
What beautiful images cross my mind
And the present bothers me, honest to God it really does

Vicente Fernández - Pity that you're another's

[Chorus 1:]
What must I, what I must not
did never cross my mind
because till death I love you
to the end of mankind

Paschalis Terzis - Whispers from the heart

Didn't know what it is
There's something, there's something

Your single smile is enough, many things cross my mind
Know that the most beautiful sentences weren't formed for you yet
Leaving behind the out-of-date things, I'm coming to you

Burcu Güneş - Love Is Passing Through Istanbul

Anytime – when you cross my mind,
And I walk along your footsteps.
Anytime – you leave a tiny trace,
Anytime – it's easier to erase.
Everytime – you're still making me confused,
And I wonder, how do you feel.

Die Happy - Anytime

When nothing’s exciting you
I’m probably thinking about you then

Every time you cross my mind
You’re like a prayer, a precious sign, sign, sign, sign…

Rebecca Ferguson - Too Good To Lose

Horses’ clatter with smiles of women often drops by in my life at night.

When I remember song of recent, a strange melancholy catches me,
And words often cross my mind, I can’t remember the year.
We went, each at other side, people don’t live as they used to.
It seems to me fate is squeezing me, so I will never come back.

Zvonko Bogdan - Life Flows In a Slow Rhythm

We were a team, untroubled and free.
Yeshiva days, our youthful ways,
Now but fond old memories.
From time to time they cross my mind, what we were you and me.
Along with your wife you run a stove,
Helping the needy and the poor.

Dovid Gabay - Daven For Me

And as the bouzouki was bringging down the house
I almost head a voice, a cry
A voice without return
How could it cross my mind
As the chord was playing
And my friend was dying

Sotiria Mpellou - The murder

And try hard not to be annoyed
By all these people worrying about me
So when I'm suffering through some awful drive
You occasionally cross my mind
It's my hidden hope that you are still among them
Well are you?

Bright Eyes - Oh, You Are The Roots That Sleep Beneath My Feet And Hold The Earth In Place

Oh, it's hard but it's fair baby, I don't care
A part of me is dying
Oh, I'm here and there call me everywhere
Cross my mind I'm dying

Oh, I love you till the end of time

Blue System - When Bogart talks to you

I appear like out of nowhere
When the winds decide to turn
And I talk this and that about myself
It doesn't even cross my mind
That I could silently listen
How you are doing, my friend

Johanna Kurkela - My Friend

Enemy knows how to make me always pay
I always pay

Enemy lies don't cross my mind
Enemy talks, talking so nice and kind
So nice and kind

Norah Jones - All A Dream

Baby you're my best
Best I've ever had

But you still cross my mind
When I think about the time
When you promised me: you won't run

Donny Montell - Listen 2 Your Heart

I wrote a letter to you my dear
It's been more than a year since I saw you
When you cross my mind, my beautiful
You stir the old pain in my heart.

Kazakh Folk - Daididau

Now you're here
Just like I imagined
But never once did it cross my mind
That you could move on.......

Amy Pearson - I Wish I Was Her

Even though you're so damn fine
I know I'm
Better off without u
Even if you cross my mind
I would always have to doubt you

Fifth Harmony - We Know

I'll Be Having A Ball
You Will See
Thoughts Of You
Won't Ever Cross My Mind
It's The Truth
Don't Mean To Be Unkind

Gloria Estefan - Go Away

Well I don't think about you when I'm bowlin'
I don't think about you when I'm playin' golf
I don't think about you when I go out huntin'
And when I'm tryin' to catch it bad you don't cross my mind at all

I don't think about when I'm hungry

Tom T.Hall - Only Think About You When I'm Drunk

Oh Jean, oh Jean
You let me get lucky with you

The first time I met you it did cross my mind
The next time I saw you there wasn't the time
The third time I saw you I thought that I could

The Proclaimers - Oh Jean

[Verse 1]
It's been a while
Since I let you
Cross my mind
I can let you run

Sam Feldt - Benn A While

And we spend our lives looking for things we can't find
Oh, but not a single day goes by where you don't cross my mind
Not a single day goes by where you don't cross my
Oh, not a single day goes by where you don't cross my mind

A R I Z O N A - Cross My Mind

Oooohhh I'll sing a lovesong to you

There will never bee a moment
When you don't cross my mind
If that all said is really true,
All things in time

Candi Staton - I'll Sing a Love Song

20/20, 20/20 vision
Cupid hit me, cupid hit me with precision, eye
Wonder if you look both ways
When you cross my mind, I said, I said
I'm sick of, sick of, sick of, sick of chasing
You're the one that's always running through my day dreams, I

Tyler, The Creator - See You Again

All these feelings inside
(I'm wide awake with you)
All these feelings inside, keeping me up all night
Pictures that cross my mind
They keeping me up all night
They keeping me up all night

David Archuleta - Up All Night

we know each other so well
but still,what can we do? the image is mine
like a cloud,I stay over for a while and then I flow
one day,when you cross my mind
I will release that memory,like I did today

Kiwi in Season - Missing You (Today Of All Days)

Seems like everyday you cross my mind
Even after such a long long time
I still think about the way you smile

Art of Dying - Sorry

So good simply just to be
I realized it just again and I
I hope it happens to cross my mind still many a time

I don’t need much for simply just to be.

Rany - So good

When I rest my chin in my hands and think about it
Only to always let out a sigh
People say hard work is worth buying and doing it
Somehow it doesn't cross my mind, though
Luck is also your ability, so let's treasure it
Wouldn't it be nice if I came across happiness?

Kyouko Suga - I Want to Take a Shortcut

I've wait for you so long and I'm still waiting you ,missing you too much

capital T
I don't want you to cross my mind
but I've related everything with you
every time I go out I see you in every place

Capital T - call me on the phone

maybe I prepared for this
knowing I'd miss you
as if I forgot it all, although I live, I was always afraid
you cross my mind so I miss you so much that I cannot handle it those days
I want to search like crazy
to see if i have 1 picture of you

Kim Yeon-woo - The Day I Cleaned

I wrote a letter to you my dear
It's been more than a year since I saw you
When you cross my mind, my beautiful

You stir the old pain in my heart.

Dimash Kudaibergen - Daididau

This is the story of my life

Girls can't get past there self
Really cross my mind
It's really someone again
It happens all the time

Brittany Flickinger - Story of My Life

Many thoughts I can't let go
And I feel as if I'm left without a soul

Many questions cross my mind
What is true and what is not
What's the purpose of my life if I don't know

Morena - River Of Life

not years that are wasted!

The idea of[fn]I'd add: letting go and[/fn] going on without him.....
.. doesn't even cross my mind. as if life .....
... stopped after him, as if it refuses to let me live
So, I stand still waiting for him.

Assala Nasri - Only God knows

But, yesterday you crossed my mind, then it hit me
You was down as fuck, did anything to benefit me
It's kinda fucked up, you never got to live it with me
I finally start soft and cross my mind with drinking whisky
Fucking alcohol, it's crazy we don't talk at all
I keep thinking 'bout reaching out to you to 'till I'm like knock it off

G-Eazy - Just Friends

How can I repay you?
A canopy of horror drowned in this sorrow

And if you cross my mind again,
I'll curse you out
Enveloping you, a swarm

Sylosis - Quiescent

If I'm alive and well, cause when I'm by myself
I find that I keep flying high, sometimes I must remind myself
That change is more than pennies laying on the floor inside the well
You cross my mind, do not apologize for being fine as hell
I'm spinning here inside your spell, my mind has start to wander
I missed a day, I stay up late admiring your posture

Mac Miller - We

Remember how I used to kiss you?
You can kiss that all goodbye
Remember how I used to miss you?
Now you don't even cross my mind
And I can't remember why I ever
Let you walk all over me

The Cab - Another Me

Every time you cross my mind you get right under my skin
Am I crazy out my mind the situation I'm in
And it gets harder just to breathe feel like the walls are closing in

Blackbear - Anxiety

I couldn't count the years I've spent without you
This is not a denial or confession this is just a complaint

Don't think that returning back a day doesn't cross my mind
but I surrendered to my yearnings I'll never come back
let this fire live with in me till I die

Sezen Aksu - just a complaint

But I keep wondering what went wrong
Whose holding you now that I'm gone
There's not a minute that goes by you don't cross my mind

All roads lead to you

Steve Wariner - All Roads Lead to You

I couldn't count the years I have spent without you
This is not a denial or confession. This is just a complaint

Dont think that getting back with you doesn't cross my mind
but I surrendered myself to my longing, I will not come back
Let this fire live within me until the day I die

Sezen Aksu - Only a complaint

Destiny decides it all
What can you do, my dear, wha you can you do?

You frequently cross my mind
Perhaps you remind me of who we used to be

Dimash Kudaibergen - You Often Cross my Mind

But love was strong he couldn't stay
He rode back just to die in that El Paso sand
El Paso City, by the Rio Grande
I try not to let you cross my mind
But still I find there's just a mystery
In the song that I don't understand.

Marty Robbins - El Paso City

You don’t want to get out from hug when it is the last.

The end of the world is comming, lalala (:-D)
Just one sentence cross my mind….

(Come out with that out!)

Mig 21 - I want to tell you

When we talk.
Simple words,
Do cross my mind.

I do I do I do

Creamydk - I Do I Do I Do

'Could it work, could it not? Wouldn't it constrain us a bit?'

Didn't cross my mind. I've remained undifferent from you

Hear me out!

Ziynet Sali - Everything Will Be Great

I've been around but never found
Someone that compares to you, my friend
But how can I tell you
That every time you cross my mind
I wish that I could be the one for you
It's time that you knew

Jamelia - I Do