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Counting Stars lyrics

  • Artist: Crossfaith (クロスフェイス)
  • Album: Apocalyze (2013)

Counting Stars

I'm counting stars in the clouds without your melody
If you were here (if you were here)
I'd hear your voice again
Can't find a way (can't find a way)
to leave you all my word and colors gone
Will we shine again?
We won't return to old our memory
Like a shooting star
So I knew it's the reason
You're drowning so dark with me
Good bye I never stand by your side again
One more time to see your face
Your can't let me go but I'll let you know
This is the one last time to feel your voice again
Well I have to free you forever
We will fall like a shooting star
It has to stop
My body is beaten by rain
I can't go on (I can't go on)
Your breath will be frozen in your lungs
Still here with you
I won't forget
Can we find a way?
Can we find a forever?
I feel your voice again
Your voice again
My answer it will never fades in my head
Submitted by LithiumLithium on 2022-11-26


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