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Only the Wise Can Control Our Eyes lyrics

  • Artist: Crossfaith (クロスフェイス)
  • Album: Apocalyze (2013)

Only the Wise Can Control Our Eyes

Burning the bridge and throwing the dice
We are walking in the wrong direction
Only the wise can control our eyes
No one can see cause we're blindfolded
This maze totally twisted we will raise up all your hands
I will not die defeated!
We want to live our life forever and ever
We know that is the truth what you've done
The wise hide it away
Broken truth
Blackened island
Shadow comes to us
We change the way
When everything falling to pieces
We will not give up (we won't give in)
These words are gonna be heard
This cry reach the world
We have a lot to say
Get back our hopes and dreams
We can live in our own way
To you we are still invisible
This time you'll slowly fade away
Get back to where we started from
We'll take it back to save us from these liars
You gonna get into the desperation I see you'll walk in the wrong direction
Are they still in the village if they're not out in the sea
Are they living deep in your soul
Do they haunt you daily
As I watch you fade away!
Burning bridge crumble
Can you see? Can you hear our screaming?
You're the wise on this blackened island (it's gone away)
Will you stay? Still stay in your heaven?
Time to know
What is true
No more lies
Burning bridge crumble with anger
Can't you see yourself painted black
Is your soul now filled with ashes
Will you stay in your heaven?
Submitted by LithiumLithium on 2022-11-26


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