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Scarlett lyrics

  • Artist: Crossfaith (クロスフェイス)
  • Album: Apocalyze (2013)


Wake me up!
This virtual is morphing it's more than a vision
Please sing to me
This dream is pulsing but I can't hold you now
I'm falling down I'm feeling your hollow emotions
I'm becoming your veins you swim in my head
“I sink more into you”
Do you remember? The days are fading without you (without you)
My anxious heart baby can you fell it?
I sink more into you
I won't forget all your crying
Your voice lights up all my memories
You start to fade did I love you?
I'm so far away from you
You're so far away from where I need you to be
Take me with you
I need you here with me
Wake you up, wake you up
I'll wake you up I'm gonna save you now
I'll wake you up I'm gonna save you...
Submitted by LithiumLithium on 2022-11-26


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