to cry one's eyes out

Submitted by Sciera on 27.12.2012

to cry one's eyes out (English) — to cry very hard / to cry a lot and for a long time / to be extremely unhappy and cry a lot

English, explained by Persian_Glamberts on Thu, 27/12/2012 - 19:46

to cry one's eyes out — Όταν κάποιος κλαίει ασταμάτητα

Greek, explained by SoPink on Wed, 17/08/2016 - 16:09

to cry one's eyes out — Llorar sin parar

Spanish, explained by SoPink on Wed, 17/08/2016 - 16:10

to cry one's eyes out — Gråta mycket

Swedish, explained by SoPink on Wed, 17/08/2016 - 16:11

to cry one's eyes out — çok fazla ve uzun süre ağlamak, çok mutsuz olmak

Turkish, explained by lolurnotselena on Sun, 25/02/2018 - 06:52

Translations of "to cry one's eyes out"

BulgarianИзплака/х си очите
EnglishCry me a river
FrenchPleurer tout son soul
Frenchpleurer à chaudes larmes
GermanRotz und Wasser heulen
Greekπλαντάζω/βαλαντώνω στο κλάμα
HungarianSírj egy folyónyit
Italianpiangere come una fontana/come un vitello
Kurdish (Sorani)گریانی زۆر و بۆ ماوەیەکی زۆر
PortugueseChorar como uma Madalena (arrependida)
RussianВыплакать все глаза
SerbianPlače dok mu oči ne ispadnu
SpanishLlorar como una Magdalena
TurkishGöz pınarları kuruyana kadar ağlamak
Turkishiki gözü iki cesme aglamak
Turkish (Anatolian dialects)salya sümük aglamak
Ukrainianвиплакати (сплакати) очі

"to cry one's eyes out" in lyrics

I'm rapping snot and water<fn>that's the literal translation but "Rotz und Wasser heulen" ("to cry snot and water") is an idiom for "to cry one's eyes out"</fn>, superficial<fn>"verschmockt" is a really rarely used word, I've never heard it before and had to look it up</fn> drool,
pop the corks<fn>lit. "make/let the corks pop"</fn> and let<fn>or "make"</fn> the boulders<fn>or "hunks"</fn> shoot away,
Prezident Evil<fn>obvious reference to the video game "Resident Evil" and the artist's name</fn>
Raw and gutter<fn>raw' is slang for hardcore; 'gutter' is slang for 'hardcore gangster' and 'ghetto' but it also means "skanky".</fn>, come, come to papa,
I'm a loner, holding the world between
Thumb and index finger, I stay alone

Prezident - Snot and Water