Crystal Lake - Dreamcatcher



this spark of light
when it blinds you see 'em?
to rewind those nights
when my heart kept racing
out of sight
out of mind
cause every moment dream became a precious sign
the truth is i was far away from home
day and night exposed and enclosed as i felt alone
but room
camera and action flare of light turns the night from a dream to reality
when everything i've schemed of and what i've believed got this spotlight on me
not this dawn's upon me
thie flare of light
i believe i see 'em!
when i scream out loud
i forget i'm speaking
from this memory lane i can start again
just to reflect upon this reason it began
i know even if got this burning fire inside
there's a mother that gave birth to two and kept them alive
one kept breathing and believed in something others despised
well i breathe and i believe what sis has always inspired
you were the spark of light
so let's burn op the sky
to the stars with all i've got
now its time to call the shots
to the stars
to the stars with everything i've got
we've come this far
we break every boundary in sight
burn it up
give it all you've got
fuel the fire
light up the sky
our dreams shall ignite
you were the spark of light
so let's burn up the night
come take me
far from here
it's dark and deep
in my youth i was dreaming
and i still keep dreaming of what i wanna do and what i wanna be
like a vulture i'm seeking
i won't regret what i've done
cause in the end there's no turning back
i'll pursuit the life to reach beyond the sun
i feel alive
a feel alive tonight
tonight is the night that i'm alive
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