BTS (Bangtan Boys) - Crystal Snow (English translation)

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Crystal snow

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I'm making sure to snow
What you gave You the courage to live
In case
I met over all the time
So How do we do? Can you fulfill?
This uncertain state Love
In case
The world is earlier than I thought
How we gonna change it?
We do not know yet
But surely ...
In case
(Eh) Love, in our chest uh yeah
(Eh) Slowly Reverberate
In case
I want to embrace you Before it disappears Again
Ah Crystal soaring up everywhere
Hey I do not need anything, so I just want to feel a bit more
Can I touch your heart?
I will pass through even if I want to touch it
Oh Someday ... Someday ...
In case
Small smile is painful why
How can I be closer uh ...
Why is this answer not answered
How I am gonna find it?
Oh let me know
In case
Ambiguous form just Crystal Snow
Story is not paid off
Eh I want to change this with my hands
In case
(Eh) Surely I can swear it ...
In case
Before turning into tears to want to protect you again
Crystal that I can not reach as much as I want
Even if it is 100 years ahead, the next step is with you
Can I be your one?
Snowy night sky with no star
Oh Someday ... Someday ...
In case
The other two are far away
It should be one
Now we are
Coloring painting etc.
I can not choose any black breath
Also your deep white fog
I feel, I feel, I feel, I feel
Oh crystal snow, crystal snow
In that white world
I'm still flowing in my chest as you go past me and become water
It reflects on everything that shines
I'm staring at you glowing
I'm waiting and everywhere
I want to meet You hold this hand out even if you lie.
In case
The melting melting melting temperature
Certain warmth keep on eternity
In case
I want to embrace you Before it disappears Again
Crystal soar to fulfill
Hey I do not have enough words, but I will tell you as it is
Can I touch your heart?
I want you to believe I will pick you up
Someday ... Someday ...
In case
It's alway ...
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Crystal Snow