Ignacio Copani - Cuántas minas que tengo (English translation)

English translation

So many girls I got

Early on monday I prepare the calendar
I appoint the blonde I discard the lame.
Doing the balance of the weekend
I look at the mirror and I say cutey
I'm becoming insatiable...
So many girls I got.
On tuesday I work day and night
leaving the details of the car ready
I add buttons and cables to the stereo
and I oil the reclining seat
I'm setting it like a yatch...
So many girls I got.
On wednesday I watch dramas for three hours
and I copy Casanova poses, conquering phrases,
on tuesday I answer the phone calls...
I'm an organized boy,
I'm feeling unstoppable...
So many girls I got.
On friday comes the time of the truth,
I throw so many lines that someone will pick up one
and if nobody bites the hook... what cares
tomorrow they won't scape.
So many girls I got.
On saturday I'm like a wolf wandering
on theaters and clubs on fashion,
nothing happens and the night flies
then I go home with my hand,
it's something...I understand it..
So many hands I got...
So many tricks I got...
So many girls I got...
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Submitted by Diazepan Medina on Tue, 30/01/2018 - 14:38

Cuántas minas que tengo

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roster 31    Tue, 30/01/2018 - 14:56

Buen trabajo, Díaz.
Hay un error ortográfico en la última estrofa:
"wolk = wolf".

(Esas palabras del lunfardo deberían explicarse).