Ignacio Copani - Cuando media un metro (English translation)

English translation

When I was one meter tall

When I was one meter tall I had
sun rays in my backpack,
neither the shopping nor McDonalds existed
but I was laughing anyway.
When I was one meter tall I hadn't
the fluo pen nor liquid paper
the pen was floating in the inkwell
to write:
"Beloved homeland, I love you so,
I'd give my life for you"
When I was one meter tall, oh mom
only your voice was my guide,
it healed all that hurted me
without injection nor analyst.
When I was one meter tall I felt
like a champion with my snickers Sacachispas,
I won so many world cups those days
where now there's a highway
and a skyscraper...
When I was one meter tall
I wanted to see better
and now that I'm almost two meters tall
now matter how I want it...
It's so hard to find a smile,
not a milimeter of faith is seen,
it's covered by a sign tied to the ledge
trying to sell me a japanese car.
It's so hard to find a smile
and a shirt without english phrases,
without marks of who despises me and needs me
just for seeing
all his herd obeying.
When I was one meter tall they told me
a General would come back
and would make true the dream of my people
and his song would be mine.
When I was one meter and then some tall
the General returned and only was heard
the bullets whistling over the airport
and the heart opening of rage and fear...
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Cuando media un metro

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