Rocío Jurado - Cuchillo y espada (English translation)

English translation

Knife and sword

The whole night among dreams
I felt the knives
sailing through my blood
like frost fishes.
The whole night my forehead
has been like a plaza
full of black horses
and wordless horsemen,
who were painting on the walls
crosses of bitter revenge.
The whole night the tower
has repated me, sleep-walker,
in a toll of darkness.
Bad luck! Bad luck!
Near the four in the morning,
I laid out of the bed
and over the holy floor
I went drawing the cards.
First came the king of clubs,
your own figure,
then the six of cups,
and then... the three of spades,
which is the card of death.
Bad luck! Bad luck!
And here you have me, friends,
naked in body and soul,
only looking for
the razor of that knife
that will stick into my flesh.
I rolled in this sheet
in the case my fate is fulfilled
let it be my shroud.
Sword, knife
inside a yellow fear,
knife, sword,
I wait for your stab —Kill me!—
I've took off my ring
and I've signed my will,
I've dressed as wind
with two moons beside.
And my shrouded body,
waiting, is happy,
for you to cut the breath
of my desperated love.
Inside a yellow fear
I wait, I wait for your stab,
kill, kill me with a sword,
if, if you can't with a knife —Kill me!—
Go, go, kill me!
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Cuchillo y espada

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